The True Definition of Success

Many people believe that success is the byproduct of some magical assimilation of plans and calculated financial decisions. This is true to an extent however it is not at its core the true meaning of success. When you look at all the individuals that you consider successful; do you notice something strangely similar about them? Do you notice the one thing about them that stands out from the other successful individuals you admire or seek to mirror? From Bill Gates to Steve Jobs each individual that you may consider successful are successful at being themselves totally.
Success is when you effectively orchestrate all the skills and talents you have acquired into a symphony that yields positive result after positive result. You see being a success does not require you to become someone else it simply requires you to master every aspect and asset you have to offer the world. That's why so many people struggle with achieving success because the definition they hold so dear is at best a faulty foundational goal that needs to be redefined at is core.
We are not taught to mature ourselves and evolve are talents and skill sets into marketable deliverables' that actually solve problems. We have been duped into believing that we must mimic the paths and actions of others in order to achieve success. This is not only defective but dangerous on so many levels. First off it can cause deep discouragement because you may be trying to impressionist someone else's way of doing something and realize the obvious truth is you are not that individual. That's not to say that you cannot benefit from the frame work but the details are impossible to copy.
You must remain true to yourself and your overall view of what life goals you have. Your path to success will be different than that of your friends and colleagues. Why? Because you are a unique and diverse individual with talents and abilities that the people you look up to may not possess. So you decisions making may be different and your circumstances will be just a varied. So if success is what you are pushing to attain, then how about starting with accessing and honestly appraising your life skills, education, and network so you can build on that.
Because if you use the foundation of you then your success will be nothing more than an extremely polished version of you and not some pseudo version of some other successful individual. It's easier to be you because the truth is NO ONE CAN DO YOU BETTER THEN YOU. So how about you put down the copy cat Syndrome and pick up yourself and work on you. Because after all success is only success if you attain it not earn it by being someone else.


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