Do You Grab Life by the Horns or Sit on the Sidelines?

The only things in this life you may regret are the chances you didn't take. When you see a chance to be happy, you grab it with both hands and focus on success not consequences.

Financial Freedom is just Around the Corner

The road to success or failure is up to you. If you choose success than fasten your seat belt and drive towards the goal until the destination has been reached.

Live life with no Boundaries

Don't settle for less or else your life will be filled with boundaries. Dream Big and make it come to pass!

Dream Vacation

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience their dream vacation whenever they please. Don't let a job decide when and where you can vacation. Be your own BOSS!

Dream Home

Anyone can own a luxury home or mansion by working smarter not harder. Make money work for you so you wont have to work hard for money.

What Is Vision Mapping?

In order to live a life full of purpose and to live a life on purpose, vision mapping is an effective way to stay focused. Without a vision, there is no direction on which to live life. Without vision, there is no purpose.
Where there is no vision, the people perish - Proverbs 29:18
So when it comes to having a vision. A map is needed in order to accomplish the vision. This is called vision mapping. I learned the concept of vision mapping from Steven K. Scott's book, The Richest Man Who Ever Lived. It gives a breakdown of vision mapping and it gives steps on how to write out a vision map.
Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. - Habakkuk 2:2-3
What is vision mapping?
Vision mapping is writing a clear and specific vision with a detailed road map to achieving the vision. It is very similar to goal setting. This can help people accomplish their dreams and actually develop a plan on how to accomplish those dreams.
How to do vision mapping
First step: Write a clear and precise description of the vision
In vision mapping, it is important to write the vision very clearly. Make it as descriptive as possible. You can describe what you are wearing in this vision. The time and day. Who is with you in this vision. What is your location when this vision is being fulfilled? Basically, make it as vivid as possible. This is when you need to become a kid again and use your imagination. Here is an example:
I, Janarian Donte' Foster, am sitting in my apartment in Greensboro, NC. I am sitting in the living room on the sofa. I can feel the breeze hitting my face from the central air conditioning. I can hear the dogs outside barking. The date is now September 13, 2013. It is 3:00 PM and it is a sunny day outside. The TV is on and I can hear ESPN SportsCenter playing on TV. I have my laptop in my lap and I am logging into and I have just processed my order for two airline tickets to fly to Orlando, FL on October 24, 2013. I am now smiling and rejoicing. I can't believe how easy it was to book a flight to Orlando. I can't believe how easy it was. This is how I did it:
So you just have to be very detailed about your vision and make it real!
Second step: Do goal setting for the vision
In this step in vision mapping, you need to make a list of the goals that you need to meet in order to achieve your dream.
Third step: Turn the goals into steps
Take the goals you have set and break it down into steps that are going to be needed to achieve the goals.
Fourth step: Turn the steps into tasks
Separate the steps into daily tasks that are needed to complete the steps.
Fifth step: Set deadlines
In vision mapping, you need to keep yourself accountable. You need to set a deadline or completion date on each step and task that is needed in order to achieve your goals. This is so you can do things one step at a time until everything is achieved.
Final Thoughts
This exercise can be helpful to all of you dreamers out there. This will help you to turn your dream into a reality. This will also show you that you don't have to be sleep to dream. Stay focused and go after your dreams!

Why It Is Important To Set Your Goals

One of the most fundamental yet vital personal development activities is goal setting. You may be surprised at how big a difference goals can make in your endeavors. Let me discuss this topic with you and hopefully you will see why that is so.
Now the first thing I want to harp on is that goals provide you with a sense of direction. Without goals, you could end up lost in your journey. In fact, without goals, your journey could be really pointless. Let me give you an illustration. Think of two opposing soccer teams who are playing soccer on a field without goal posts. What would the motive of the game be if there are no goal posts? Now when you put two sets of goal posts on to the field, you give each of the teams a purpose, which is to score as many goals as they can to win the game. Basically, what I am saying is this. If you have no goals, you cannot be a winner, and therefore, that makes you a loser. Doing other personal development activities would hence be futile without an end destination.
Besides giving you an end destination, goals can also help guide you along the way. Let me give you another illustration. Let's say you went trekking, and you lost your way. You know where you want to go, but you need a compass to bring you to your final destination. What can we learn from this illustration? It is important to have a long term goal, but it is also just as important to have short term goals, or what I like to call milestones. If you break down your long term goal into milestones, achieving that long term goal will not seem like such a daunting task, and it will help you with your other personal development activities as well.
Besides having a long term goal and breaking that up into smaller milestones, I also suggest that you write your goals down and put them in a place where you will always be able to see them. When you write your goals down, you show that you are committed to attaining them, and whenever you find that you're lost, you can always look back at them to get some motivation. Besides, committing to them to memory isn't very effective because as humans, we do forget.
I hope you have gained a better understanding about goal setting and I hope you will use it in tandem with your other personal development activities.

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Ten Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

1. Talk to someone who listens to you. It could be your mother or father, or your best friend. It could be a teacher or work colleague. But sometimes it's important to get your feelings out in the open. Find someone you can trust that will listen to what you have to say. Find a person who can provide feedback in a non-judgmental way.
2. Make a list of the things you like about yourself. List your accomplishments. Then make a list of the things you would like to accomplish.
3. Start working towards your goals today. Make a list that you will update in 3 months, and in 6 months, and that you will look back and read and revise on a yearly basis.
4. Take a break from your routine. One of the best ways to get yourself out of a rut is to take a break from your everyday routine. You will see things in a different light, and it helps to put your life in a different perspective. If you feel "stuck", this is a good way to begin again.
5. Start a Bulletin Board or Journal. This is a continuation of the ideas you have already listed. You cannot hide your light under a bushel, but instead, you should be proud of any past accomplishments and achievements. That includes your children and your past work and academic experience. Hang your diplomas and display your treasured possessions.
6. Spend some time with a child, or take a pet for a walk. Having to care for another human being, or another living creature, and just getting out of yourself and seeing things from a child's perspective can really help you to move forward. Children and animals tend to accept people for who they are, not who they want to be. It's always a good idea to keep you living "in the moment" to spend time with children. And even if you don't have a dog, you can usually find a friend or relative who would love to lend their pet to you for a short walk outside.
7. Take a good look at yourself. You don't want to be super-critical, but if you see something about yourself that you would like to improve, go for it! Put on a bright shirt, have your hair cut, get a make-over, or join a gym. Sometimes a short-term pick-me-up is a great motivator. You may want to take on a cleaning project to pull you out of the doldrums. If you have been putting off cleaning a room or a garage, make a list with bullet points. Start small, and clean up one area with large trash bags. If this looks really good, and you find things that were missing, it will motivate you to continue the cleaning spree. At that point, make a list to finish what you start. Don't make the mistake of putting things in bags and leaving them untouched for a year! Start small, and aim small. Every week, you can keep it up and you can mark off the improvements you make, by month and by season. Have a goal in mind, and you may want to start another cleaning or home-improvement project right away to keep the motivation high!
8. Volunteer to do something for someone else. Take your problems and set them aside for a while and you will lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. When you begin to look around, and see others in need, and learn to focus your talents and help others, and you will see things from a different perspective that will help you as well as others in the long run.
9. Write down something funny that happened to you. Never fall into the trap of taking yourself or life too seriously. Laughter is one way to keep things in perspective and you will feel better every time you laugh about something funny that has happened or a funny joke you may have heard.
10. Go for a Walk. Look at the world around you. Go and move and focus on things around you. Exercise and you will feel better about yourself. Set mini-goals for your exercise dates and start moving more. Keeping fit will keep you sound in both mind and body.

The Wheel of Life

One of the first steps of using the Law of Attraction is to set your goals. You must know what it is you want before the Universe can begin to manifest it for you. When teaching someone to do this, I generally start off with the questions "What do you want out of life? What are your dreams?" While these questions work with some people, with other people I get a glazed look of incomprehension, or, even worse, a look of fear.
You see, some people simple do not know what they want out of life. Either they have never tried to figure out what their dreams really are, or they have been put down so many times that they have forgotten what it means to dream. For these people, the concept of a life purpose is simply out of the question. To get at the dreams these people have, you need to provide a little more guidance and suggestion. That is where the Wheel of Life comes into play.
Dividing Life Up
The Wheel of Life is a process of dividing up one's life into a number of parts. Then, rather than trying to deal with the entirety of one's life, you can deal with just one part at a time. Stephen Covey talked about this concept in his book "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by talking about the various roles a person fulfills.
So when I see the look of either incomprehension or fear, I immediately move towards the Wheel of Life. After calming the person down and reassuring them that we will not try to cover EVERYTHING, I then start to divide a person's life into pieces. Most Wheel of Life diagrams have either 6 or 8 pieces, depending on how you group activities. Working with the 6 piece model, you can divide your life into Physical (health and fitness), Occupational (profession and finances), Relational (family and friends), Social (organizations), Mental (learning, reading, writing, etc.), and Environmental (house, possessions, etc.). This grouping is what I use; others may do something different. The 8 piece model simply divides some of the groups differently. The key is to segment the life of the person so you can talk about one part of his life rather than the whole thing.
Purpose of the Wheel
By dividing up the life into pieces, you accomplish several key tasks. First, you show someone that their life is not one-dimensional. They have multiple pieces, and a lack of achievement in one area does not mean they are inadequate, particularly if you can point to successes in other areas. Second, you give them a focus which allows them to avoid being overwhelmed. Many people are confused when they try to evaluate their entire life, but most people can focus on one area at a time. Third, you can introduce the concept of living a balanced life. You can show them where they have made progress and where they haven't, which can provide an initial motivation for action.
Using the Wheel of Life can provide a clear starting point for action, especially for those who are just beginning their self-development. By focusing on each area of the Wheel, a person can set clear goals, which can then be manifested by the Law of Attraction.

Self Improvement Tips To Help You Succeed In Life

I have had the opportunity to coach thousands and thousands of people. However, I realized that not all of them had the right mindset to begin with. So I decided that I will give you a few free self improvement tips right here. These tips are meant to help you succeed with almost any endeavor in life, so I hope you will benefit from these.
To start off my free self improvement tips, I would like to quote a somewhat overused phrase, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Now, let me be frank right here. Goals are important, and if you do not take the time to plan your goals, it is as good as planning to fail. Spend some time to think about what you want to achieve in the short term as well as the long term. Once you have thought about those, I highly recommend that you write down your goals on a piece of paper, and stick it on your study table, bed side table, or someplace obvious where you can see it clearly. Goals are there to help us move in the right direction, and by writing down your goals, you will be reminded of what you want to achieve.
This next point is just as crucial as the first. You need to be committed to work your way to achieving your goals. I believe this applies to almost anything you set your eyes to in life. If you are running a race, you cannot just sit at the starting point and hope to win the gold medal. You need to train up to the required level of fitness, and that could mean months or even years of preparation in advance. Being committed could be spending some time every day training your speed and stamina, eating right, and avoiding certain kinds of food.
As mentioned, these free self improvement tips are meant to help you succeed. However, how much you want to succeed really depends on what goals you set and how committed you are to achieving them. You obviously need to set realistic goals, but you should not set goals that can be easily achieved. I recommend you set goals that will stretch you, and commit yourself to achieving those goals, one day at a time. I hope you have benefited from these free self improvement tips and I wish you success in your endeavors.

Why Write Goals Down?

Many people, in many places, teach how to reach goals. Among the practices taught, writing goals down is one of the most repeated instructions. There is ample evidence that written goals are attained more often than goals not written down, and this fact is all that is given to explain why to write goals down. However, very few people attempt to explain why writing goals down works, so let us investigate that aspect of attaining goals.
What Is Written Down
When you are told to write your goals down, you need to be clear on what is being asked of you. What is it that you are supposed to write down? The most common instruction is to write down the SMART properties of your goals. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, As If Now, Relevant, and Timely.
A Specific goal is one that you clearly understand and which can be clearly explained to another; the more details you have about the goal, the more specific the goal. A Measurable goal is one that you can decide quickly and definitively whether you have attained the goal or not; while a path of progress is not required, it can be very helpful in making a goal measurable. A "As If Now" goal is one you feel you have already attained; the more you visualize the goal as being achieved, the more this "As If Now" quality is present. A Relevant goal is one congruent with your beliefs and principles. Finally, a Timely goal. is one with a deadline.
So writing a goal down means to the work at and write out, to the best of your ability, each of these five qualities of the goal. The format you use is personal; what is important is that you write them down.
Writing Involves Senses
Writing something down involves several senses, which means that several physical parts of the body are engaged. By engaging the hands, eyes, and maybe the ears, you are providing activity which can be remembered at a physical level, which improves the mental memory strength. You can take advantage of this strength through strong visualization, since an imagined event has the same impact on the nerves and muscles as a real event.
A logical, or even emotional thought, affects the memory from a single direction, the mind. When the body is involved through action, whether that action is real or imagined, the memory is affected from a second direction, which increases the probability that the goal will be retained in memory.
Writing Demands Clarity
By writing the goal down, you are forcing yourself to make the goal clear enough to put into words. By using words, you are making the concepts involved clear to you; if you want to really take advantage of this characteristic of writing, imagine that someone else, someone you do not even know, is reading and explaining your words.
Many people have a good idea, but they cannot express that idea in words. By going through the effort to get the words, you make the ambiguous aspects specific, and the unclear characteristics become known. Again, to take full advantage of this technique, have someone else read what you have written to check your clarity.
Writing is Permanent
By writing your goal down, you are making the goal a (somewhat) permanent part of your existence. You are giving a level of commitment to that goal. You have staked a claim. You may change your mind later on, but for right now you have made a commitment. This permanency makes the goal more powerful and a stronger part of your existence. That means you are more likely to give the time, energy, and effort needed to reach the goal.
For these reasons, and more, a written goal is much more likely to be achieved that a goal that is merely stated to someone else. Take advantage of this fact and make your goals more likely to be achieved, and thus you will lead a more successful life.

Dealing With Adversity

Adversity simply put is a road block or detour. It can also be seen as a way to test that you are on the right track. Adversity also has a way of sapping your energy and often leads to your giving up. Why does life seem such a struggle? Isn't life meant to be easier than this?
I believe that wisdom comes from two areas. Having witnessed the experience and having lived the experience. I expect there are those who feel that wisdom is gained from reading and study. I can accept that to some extent however the emotional part does not exist in reading or study. Whats the adversity in that? Their in lies the benefit. The experiences that knock the starch out of you, we remember the most. These events often leave you feeling you have failed or you are faced with making the wrong decision. I believe it's the lessons that come from adversity that make you mentally stronger leading you to your eventual success.
I expect it's said the best way to avoid adversity is to just keep cruising and never stretch ourselves. What's the point of that? Sounds like a recipe for a life without purpose or meaning. It's a proven fact that people who live life with a purpose and stretch themselves live a longer and happier life.
There is a good reason you should push yourselves to be better than you were last year, last week or yesterday. It's for your health and your self-esteem. It's about making the world a better place because of our actions. Meaningful change in yourself impacts others such as your families and co-workers.
These reasons are why you should set out knowing there will be resistance to your plans and actions. The resistance often comes from those who fear change. It's uncomfortable for them. Why should you allow them to set the agenda. It's your life. I recommend you share your dreams and aspirations with your loved ones and business associates. If they do not know why you are doing what you do they will question your motives. The sharing of your intentions is a way of removing some of the resistance before you set out to make changes.
Adversity is your close and honest friend. That's what good friends do. Strong friendships are not the easy ones. They are strong because of a bond knowing that you will be there for each other when things get tough. Your embracing adversity says that your ready to take yourself to the next level. Success is found in those who started out knowing there will be setbacks and adversity. Successful people also know adversity and resistance makes them stronger. Join the success team and fly past those afraid to take the road less traveled.

How to Use Haters As Motivation?

First, let's analyze the goals of a hater. The objectives of negative individuals are not to see you succeed. They're there to deter you from excelling at an activity. They accomplish this by always making you feel inferior and tearing down your hopes and dreams. How can you not allow these individuals to stop your growth? You have to start using them as your motivation.
Why do people have to be so negative? When people feel poorly about themselves they want to tear you down. Sometimes it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with you. They may not be having a good day or maybe they aren't where they want to be in life. Tearing you down makes them feel better about themselves and their situation. If you succeed, then this will serve as a constant reminder of their shortcomings. Therefore, tearing you down is necessary for them to feel better. Don't let them project their insecurities on you. That's their problem, not yours. So don't take it personal. Just keep trying to be the successful person you were born to be.
Why is it so important to use haters as your motivation? You are channeling their negativity into positivity. I have always loved the quote, "The moment you believe you will fail, you have already lost the battle." Negative people can only stop you from succeeding if you start to believe them. This is why believing in yourself is so important. Whenever you hear negative words from others, I want you to replace them with positive ones. When you hear someone say you can't, replace these words with I can. When someone tells you what you won't do, tell them what you will do. Constantly speaking these positive affirmations to yourself will help you accomplish any goal. Just like you can speak success into existence, you can speak failure into your life.
Next, try to prove negative individuals wrong. With every goal you reach, you are one step closer to proving them wrong. With every stride or accomplishment, it will serve as validation that you can accomplish anything you put your mind on. This will also serve as an incentive. Imagine how good it will feel to look those in the eyes who doubted you and to say I win. As the old adage goes the best revenge is to succeed.
So there you have it. The secret of how to use haters as your motivation is in your thoughts. Words are very powerful, especially the ones we allow to enter our minds. If we don't change the negative words into positive ones we are destined for failure. Let your haters motivate you. Thanks for reading.

You Are Built For Success

Within you is a mechanism of mind that is built for success. It's the very same mechanism that bends the plant toward sunlight, leads the desert lizard to find water, propels the hawk to hunt and capture its prey, and guides the salmon upstream to its birthplace.
This mechanism is also present in Humans. Success is as natural to Humans as it is to the rest of Nature.
So why, then, do so many people fail, or worse, don't try at all?
First, let's make clear what success is not. Success is not getting the fancy car, expensive clothes, the big mansion, or the important title. This is not success.
Success is creative accomplishment. Success is any achievement in which you played a creative part in bringing it about. The cars, clothes, and titles may be the rewards of success but they are not success.
So what is failure, then?
Failure is simply a step forward that indicates an adjustment must be made. Failure is a teaching/learning opportunity. Failure tells you what needs adjusting and is part of your success mechanism. Failure is not what you are though!
In other words, if you failed at something it means that you failed at something, it does not mean that you are a failure. This distinction is extremely important and must be made clear in the mind. Too many people identify with their failures as if the failure is the makeup of their personality. Having concluded thus, it is then certain to lead to one failure after another without the benefit of learning and making adjustments toward success.
To reach your success, and to fail along the way, requires that you take action.
For example, when the child is learning to walk he will inevitably fall and 'fail' a number of times. With each fall his mind will make an adjustment to positioning and balance of the body in such a way that the next attempt (action) will show an improvement until, after enough attempts (actions) are made and information gathered from these attempts, the child is successfully walking on his own. The failures played a vitally important, necessary part of the success and are absolutely essential to it.
In fact, this is how all success happens. We 'fail' our way forward until the goal we've chosen is achieved. Therefore, your goal must be specific enough that you will know it once you reach it.
Vague goals that are not clearly defined do not give your built-in success mechanism anything definitive to strive for, and success, then, will not be achieved. In this case, you are much more likely to personally identify with 'failure' as a part of your makeup.
However, if success was never clear then failure does not truly enter the picture as it is intended to (as a learning tool). Failure, in this instance, is worn as a false belief that it is intrinsic to your being. When this is the case you will never take action. And without action, a result of mistakenly identifying with failure as a part of your makeup, then you have zero chance of ever achieving anything. Zero.
Success, true success, is a result of repeated failures and persistent action until the desired result is produced. This is actually how guided missiles work. A guided missile has a target (goal) programmed into it. It then is propelled forward (action) and as it moves toward its target (goal) it is constantly going off-course (failure) and correcting itself (adjustment) until it finally reaches its target (success).
So if we were to write a formula for success it might look something like this:
Goal + Action + Failure + Adjustment = Success
G + A + F + A = S
This is the summary formula of your success mechanism. This is how all success comes about, without exception.
Show me a person who succeeds without failure, and I will show you a person who has learned nothing and has not grown thereby and, indeed, cannot.
So as you set out to leave your mark in the world by striving towards your desired goals, know that you were built for success, that you are meant to be, to do, and to have what you desire, because if you weren't then you would not have had the desire to begin with.
The road to success is paved with failure. Persist in your actions, make your adjustments along the way, and you will inevitably own the road and reach your destination.

Success - Tony Stark's Way

When it comes to wealth and success, Tony Stark has it all. Known for his duties as the Iron Man, this wealthy ingenious engineer billionaire superhero understands what it takes to run and manage a business as well as having fun! Tony Stark is known for his humorous sarcastic personality and always try to make the best out of every situation. Even when he is in danger as the Iron Man, he uses his sarcasm to keep his composure and to get into his opponent's head using taunting antics. Though Tony Stark is a fictional character, we all can learn some valuable lessons from him when it comes down to success and having fun!

In life, we all want to achieve success and live the American Dream! Nobody wants to live a miserable life struggling to make ends meet. If you want success, you have to become a winner like Tony Stark. In terms of success, being a winner is someone who never gives up and never settles for less. Whatever your heart desires in life, always remember and acknowledge that nothing is impossible to achieve when it comes to success and accomplishing your goals. 

We all should know that staying focus on our goals and taking action is definitely a must to guarantee success. However while working towards this we must also realize it is important to balance your goals and personal life. It is very important to take the necessary time to have fun as often as you can. This will help keep your mind at ease whenever you face difficult moments during your journey to success. Many people make the mistake of focusing too much time on success without taking enough time off to enjoy life. Learn to take heed of the three famous quoted words, "Live, Laugh, Love".

We must always remember to live life to the fullest, laugh with family and friends, and love ourselves unconditionally. Tony Stark is always having fun, despite being the owner of Stark Industries, a multi-billion dollar multinational corporation, and a full time superhero! Not having enough time during the day or week is a well known excuse many people like to use for not having fun. When in reality no matter how busy you are, you can always find a way to make time. Real life business owners of billion dollar corporation who barely have time for themselves still manage to find a way to have fun. 

So of course it is very important to stay focus and consistent with your goals. However there is a time to be serious and a time to joke around and have fun like Tony Stark. Balance your life by making the necessary adjustment for working towards goals and using leisure time to have a fun! Like Iron Man find your inner sense of humor and have a blast! 

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Ben Parker said this best to his nephew Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Man! Peter was accidentally fortunate to receive superhuman abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider on a school field trip. After losing his uncle, Peter remembered Ben's famous quote and decided to put his abilities into good use by becoming a superhero. I believe everyone on this planet possess a gift, talent or skill. Many people already know what their skill sets are. While others are still searching. 

If your still on that journey searching for your skills and purpose in life, than you need to ask yourself the following questions. What do you enjoy most in life? Do you have any favorite hobbies or activities you prefer? What is it in life that drives you to the point of excitement and fulfillment? What are you good at? Where do you excel most in life? You want to take your time and be completely honest with yourself when answering these questions. 

Never rush into anything just because you feel the need to do something just to be productive. You want to pursue a goal and dream that satisfies you completely. Prior to becoming Spider-Man, Peter already had goals when he was in college. After becoming a superhero he than pursued an additional goal which was to protect innocent people in honor of his late uncle. What's sad is Peter could of prevented the death of his uncle who was murdered by the same burglar he declined to pursue hours earlier. 

 In life we must learn to cease every opportunity for success. Because the doors to many opportunities do close if you procrastinate for too long and don't take advantage right away. Peter lost his uncle because he failed to cease the moment to subdue his uncle soon to be killer. In the real world many people make the mistake of not ceasing opportunities at the moment. They allow laziness to takeover and decide this opportunity is not important and will present itself again someday. But unfortunately that's not always the case. 

The chance to save Ben Parker will be an opportunity Peter will never see again. Some opportunities only comes once in a lifetime. So make it a priority to take advantage of every opportunity that relates to your purpose and goals in life. We all have some type of great ability, skill, talent or gift. Every single person on this planet is great in their own way. And for those who don't believe their great, your wrong! Because you just need to discovery what your greatness is. And with greatness comes great responsibility!

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Rise like The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises is a film that displays a perfect example how one of the best super heroes learns to bounce back from adversities. In this film Bruce Wayne goes on an eight year hiatus from being Batman losing some of his skills and fighting edge. As a result of this Bruce Wayne uses a cane due to a leg injury he sustain during his layoff as the Batman. In the real world, many of us are like Batman at his prime staying focus on our goals. But unfortunately, like Batman we face defeat from time to time. 

However, we must rise to the occasion by fighting back until victory is ours. To achieve a life of success and prosperity we have to be willing to do what it takes to get there. In the film Batman suffers a defeat by Bane who delivers a crippling blow to his back. Bane then takes Batman to a well-like prison where escape seems virtually impossible. After months of recovery and training Batman attempts to escape the prison but fails after several attempts. 

Staying persistent he eventually escapes and defeats Bane in a final epic battle. So why is Batman always victorious? Is it because he is a very intelligent athletic gifted super human with unparalleled skills and tactics? Not exactly. The key to Batman's victories is the fact that he never gives up! No matter how impossible the challenge may seem Batman is always willing to do whatever it takes to rise to the occasion. 

Batman has even faced foes that are far more stronger than him. But that never stops Batman from trying to achieve his goals and objectives. In summary, you don't have to be a gifted intelligent perfectionist. You just need to believe in yourself and be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your success. And most importantly, never ever give up on your goals and dreams. Whenever you face defeat or minor set backs always remember to Rise like The Dark Knight! 

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Seal The Deal Like The Man Of Steel

"It's not an "S", on my world it means "Hope."
Throughout the movie, Superman stood as a symbol of hope to people. The hope that good will prevail over evil and that one person can change the world for the better. To be successful, people must also be hopeful - to believe that everything will work out. Most entrepreneurs don't go into any business 100% certain that it'll be successful. Instead, most successful entrepreneurs put in the necessary work first, hope that things will pan out as planned, and if needed, make any necessary adjustments to their plan(s) along the way.
Please do not confuse hope for ignorance. Although successful people are hopeful, they also have contingency plans in place accompanying their hopes just in case things take a turn for the worse. By being prepared, people would increase their chances of achieving success beyond their wildest hopes and dreams. So in your quest for success, please always ensure that you hope for the best while preparing for the worse!
"I can do things that other people can't."
Like Superman, successful entrepreneurs believe in their unique abilities to achieve certain feats that others can't, thus providing them with a competitive advantage over others in similar marketplaces. To be successful, entrepreneurs must learn how to leverage their competitive advantage in an effort to highlight their unique selling proposition (USP) of their business over homogeneous competitors. Similar to Superman, who was successful in using his unique abilities to help others, you must also find your competitive advantage and use it to serve others in an effort to become successful.
In essence, everyone has something unique about them that they could offer the world. My only hope is that you discover that competitive advantage and harness its powers to help others and make the world a better place. By doing so, you would ultimately become successful in the process and live the life that you were destined for.
"There are so many questions... Where do I come from?"
For majority of the movie, Superman is filled with questions concerning who his real birth parents were, where did he come from, what his real name was, etc. Like any successful entrepreneur, Superman continues to ask a variety of questions while persistently using the clues found along the way to find the answers that he was looking for.
As we're aware, knowledge is a vital component for success. One of the best ways to acquire knowledge is through the use of questions. In fact, asking questions has been known to help people learn more; become more observant; innovate; communicate better; develop confidence; and engage in critical thinking. As Tony Robbins wisely stated, "Successful people ask better questions and as a result, get better answers." With this in mind, asking the right questions will not only help you discover the answers you were looking for on your road to success but also assist with personal and professional development, such as the benefits mentioned above.
Hopefully this post provided you with an entertaining, and educational lesson that will help you on your journey towards success. If you've seen the movie, I would be curious to see if you've noticed similar success lessons from Superman. If you haven't seen the Man of Steel, I would highly recommend watching this never-ending superhero classic evolve.

Stuck And Don't Know How To Move Forward With Life?

Have you found yourself stuck? You have a desire you want and you just can't seem to make it happen. You believe you have tried everything and nothing works for you. However, you still believe that you can work through this and get your desired result.
Looking around, you see people who don't have any problems getting through the things that you are stuck with.
So why is it so hard to get unstuck?
The reason comes down to your belief systems. Your belief systems are like computer programs running unconsciously in the back ground. The problem is that you don't even know what the belief system is that is keeping you stuck.
The reason for this comes to your internal programming. The highest priority of your being is to survive. Without this instinct, you would not be alive today.
Your belief systems were created at a point in your past history, most likely your first 7 years of life. At some state you encountered a new situation. Because it was new, your instinct took over and navigated you so that you would survive. It could have and most likely discovered information from other sources such as your parents, their belief systems.
After surviving this situation your natural instinct was to make a meaning from it. It's this meaning that became your belief and started you on a path where you are stuck today. This is because the next time you came across a similar situation in your life, you naturally went back into your memory banks of survival and called on this belief to get you through.
This gave you confirmation of your belief system and it became more entrenched in your unconsciousness, to the point that you have stopped questioning the reasoning behind it all. It's an unconscious programming that is triggered off automatically. You found yourself in a situation that you are stuck in. There is a belief that you are holding onto that is keeping you stuck.
The problem with this belief is that it is a decision you have made years ago in a situation where you didn't have as many resources as you have today. It is almost guaranteed that the belief that is keeping you stuck is based on erroneous information.
So the way to get unstuck is to examine that belief system that is keeping you stuck. Examining this will allow you to change the internal programming and you will no longer be stuck. This is very simple in theory, not so easy in practice. The best place to start is by taking action. When you take action your belief systems will pop out. 

Gaining Confidence Can Be Simple

When you suffer a lack of self confidence it is very hard to get ahead in any area of your life, you have to watch all the good things happen to 'other' more confident people. People who naturally have confidence just do not understand what it is like to suffer from low self confidence. You constantly find yourself holding back, in conversations, in life and all the happiness and success seems to get dished out to everyone else.
Most people with low self confidence have tried various methods to improve the situation, be it positive affirmations or imaginations. For some this works but for others it never seems to stick. Gains one day, can quickly fade away as you return to old habits of thinking.
People who lack self confidence spend too much time hiding away from life, and not enough time taking an active role. This can lead to all sorts of problems, a lack of success, a lack of love, all leads to a lack of self fulfillment. This tends to compound the problem and lead to a further dip into negative feelings and low self esteem.
Of course the opposite is true, If you were to magically find yourself feeling confident in one area of your life, it would lead to more confidence in other areas. Pretty soon this feeling would spread throughout your life.
If you lack self confidence, you should follow the advice of someone who had the same issue, but in due time was able to break the cycle of low self esteem and negative feelings. Or you can seek a robust and proven method to gradually increase your confidence and deliver results steadily.
What if you could discover a way to effortlessly gain steady increasing confidence? After all it would be unnatural to go from low self esteem, to having super hero confidence in one day. You want confidence to increase, steadily and effortlessly. So you can gradually go from the low to incredible confidence in a few weeks. Giving you time to enjoy your improvements and importantly to notice them. imagine if you could do that, gain steady amounts of confidence.
By learning how to generate the feeling of confidence you can begin to discover the simple joys of increasing confidence throughout your life. If you directly learn how to increase the actually feeling of confidence you will start to think and imagine confident thoughts. Confident thoughts lead you to confident actions.
It is proven that we think from our feelings, our feelings directly feed our thoughts, so all you need to do is learn how to feel more positive feelings and quieten down or negate the negative feelings.
You do not have to continue a life of low confidence. You can end that cycle and make the confident gains you want, in all areas of your life, and you can do it with only a few minutes practice a day.

How To Change Everything!

For most of us, there's a state of stress or distress we've come to call normal. A humming of the cells. A vibration of the body. A rant in the mind that undermines our sense of well-being and perpetrates great suffering.
This may have begun as early as the womb, if our mothers were under duress. Or we may have evolved here, slowly and over time, as life forgot we were the embodiment of the Divine, God's gorgeous gift, and we slumped into believing what we were told or assumed about ourselves-stupid, not good enough, ugly, unworthy...
We're all taught these lies in one way or another. And we all suffer for them.
These messages become a loop in our thinking and we learn to contract, distract, withdraw and withhold ourselves from life, love, because we believe we're undeserving.
Our nervous systems get amped and over-stimulated, and fight or flight becomes our way of life.
We believe that this is just the way things are.
Until we discover the possibility that this isn't actually so.
And decide to do something about it.
I like to say, "Just because a thought is loud and repetitive, doesn't mean it's true."
So, like the loving, soothing mother many of us never had, it is our job to calm and contain the over-stimulated nervous system, the frantic inner voice, to bring ourselves, slowly and gently, to a place of greater peace.
How? By speaking kindly, and feeding ourselves, our cells, with love.
I often show my clients the photos of Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who studied the effects of energy on water. Dr. Emoto took jars of water and put words or photos on them, or played music to them. He then took a drop of that water and froze it into an ice crystal. The photographs are phenomenal.
The water that had love, beauty, kindness broadcast into it turned into gorgeous 'snowflakes'. The water that had anger, meanness, chaos broadcast in turned into black, ugly swirls.
Our bodies are eight-five percent water. Just as is the planet. Each cell is a little water balloon. That inhabits, incubates and demonstrates what we are broadcasting.
And, anything broadcast out, is also broadcast in. We feel and receive whatever we are projecting toward another.
If we want to heal ourselves and become happy, we need to change the channel and broadcast beautiful sound, vibration, thought into ourselves.
The good news is that we just have to be aware and attend to this in the next moment. Are we being kind or abusive? Are we sending snowflakes or black swirls?
A simple way to practice this-whether you feel like it or not-is to stop, close your eyes, put your hand somewhere in the center of your body and begin telling yourself, "I love you." Simple as that. Simple, but not necessarily easy.
Especially if the habit has been unkindness. Most of us are very good at some version of 'I hate myself.' But it's time now for this to stop.
It's time to begin infusing our bodies, minds and energy fields with love and compassion, kindness and care.
It's time to change the world, one world at a time. Beginning with 'me'.
So, hand on heart. Eyes closed. A gentle "I love you" to begin. And if there's a place inside you that's screaming, 'No, I can't! I will not do this!' see if you can love that. See if you can love yourself through the pain and patterning of your own unkindness toward yourself.
Doing this will begin to change everything.
Changing yourself, your cells, and ultimately your life and the world, one "I love you" at a time.
(With Gratitude to the teachings of Matt Kahn)

Big, Bold and Crazy!

Let's be honest, most of us don't let the real version of ourselves shine because we're worrying about what others will think. Deep down we're afraid of being judged and not being a part of the group. I think I did enough of this in high school to last me a lifetime, so I don't know about you but I think it's about time we all stopped!
Here's the real deal. Not everyone is going to like you. That is okay. Wouldn't you rather be around people who love and appreciate the real you? To be surrounded by people where you can be your true and real self? This will likely change over the years as you grow and change too. If some people don't resonate with you, that's okay. Still have love for them and move on. You won't find your real tribe until you step into the real version of yourself.
In business, people can sense when you're not being authentic too. When you try to be something you're not, people will see right through this. You can sense this yourself when you're around someone like this. You might not be able to pin point it exactly at first, but you will probably feel like something is a little off.
I've seen this with clients and I've done this myself. Most people act like something they're not because they're afraid. They're afraid of not getting clients. They think they need to act a certain way in order to attract clients. These people usually think they need to work with everyone, another belief that comes from fear.
There is enough abundance for everyone. There are enough clients for everyone. Wouldn't you rather serve the people who you can help the most and who also resonate with the real you? Those who appreciate your uniqueness and what only you have to offer? When you truly step into who you are meant to be, you let go of the need for approval from others. You are confident with yourself and who you are in the world. That and that alone, will help you attract more clients and clients who you love to work with too.
Step into who you really are today and don't hold back. You are magnificent and it's time for you to shine! This is the only way you will live those huge dreams you have for yourself. Be this person and watch the type of clients you start to attract! 

There's No Mime In Purpose Or Success

Do you walk around unhappy, discouraged, and frustrated that you aren't where you want to be in life?
We've all been there, me included.
But where is that frustration coming from? What are you comparing it to?
Many people measure their own success based on the success of someone else they know. If you are doing that, stop immediately.
Comparing yourself to Sally Sue down the street is like comparing apples to oranges. Besides being fruit, they have nothing in common.
So you might say, "well Sally Sue started this same type of business as me and she's doing this and doing that... and well... what am I doing?"
You're self-sabotaging your success via comparison, which takes you further and further away from your purpose. That's what you're doing.
So what do you do about it?
What ends up happening many times is you become a mime and try to mimic someone else's life so you too can achieve the same results and think this is the key to finding your purpose. This is the biggest falsity you could ever tell yourself or make yourself believe. Many of you can relate. So let me tell you, before you even start going down that path of thinking, IT DOESN'T WORK.
Let me tell you why:
  • For one, God specifically has a work for you to do and God specifically has a work for Sally Sue to do. The two don't mix. Don't try to jump on her calling and think it's going to work for you too. You may be able to ride that bandwagon for a little while but eventually you'll fall off.
  • Everyone starts at different places. Do even know the story behind the success? That next person you're comparing yourself to may have had to work their little tush off for many years, endure many heartaches, ups and downs, gains and losses, and been to hell and back to get where they are. Your path is not their path. Your journey is not their journey.
  • Success is measured in different ways. God may not have called you to be a millionaire, but just maybe you're touching and saving lives every day in what you do. Take comfort in knowing that the calling God has on your life will impact people in a major way, and money has nothing to do with it. If you follow your purpose and passion, wealth will follow. Luke 6:38 reads, "Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you." Plant good seeds. You will reap what you sow. It may not look like Sally Sue's reaping, but it will be just for YOU and it will be perfect.
So you may be asking yourself, what if my calling IS the same as someone else?
Know this: You ARE going to have the same calling as someone elseHowever, the way YOU are called to do it cannot be duplicated.
You are unique in your own right. No matter how hard someone tries to mimic what YOU DO, how you do it, it will never come out the same way. This is why there is no MIME in purpose or success. You can't mimic someone else's purpose over their life. You have to find yours for yourself. You have to find your own voice, your own style, your own way of doing things. You can't talk like someone else. You can't think like someone else. You can't write like someone else, sing like someone else, dance like someone else, speak like someone else. You all may be VERY good at what you do, but you each do it DIFFERENTLY. It's up to YOU to execute your gifts and talents in a way that will change the world.
It's in you.
God etched your purpose in your DNA.
DNA cannot be copied. It's unique to every individual.
So don't be discouraged by what someone else is doing or where they are in life.
Stay focused on your journey. Know that the people God have called to be touched by you are drawn specifically to the way you present your gifts and talents. Be confident in knowing that.
Now go start planting your own seeds of success so you can reap all that God has for you. Your purpose is waiting for you.

A Working Definition Of Success

There are a lot of definitions out there in the world for success, but all of them make it seem so elusive to the majority of people. We need to take the time to define what success is for us and then we have to actively pursue it.
I have been studying success for a long time and one of the best definitions that I have found is the one offered by Dr. Maltz in "Psycho Cybernetics". He breaks the word down so that it is an acronym for the qualities that are found in successful people.
S - Sense of direction for goals
U - Understanding
C - Courage
C - Compassion
E - Esteem
S - Self-Confidence
S - Self-Acceptance
The first "S" in success stands for a sense of direction. We are goal seeking mechanisms. In order to stop spinning our wheels we have to have something that we are aiming for. Decide what you want out of a situation. Always have something ahead of you that you are looking forward to. Get your eyes off the rear-view mirror and develop and forward thinking mentality. Once you successfully attain one goal, set another one that will continually more you forward with your life.
"U" is understanding and it depends on good communication. To avoid misunderstanding we need to insure that we get all of the facts about a situation and leave our opinions out of the equation as they will only cause confusion. You have got to make yourself see the truth. Gather information about yourself and others in relation to the situation whether the news is good or bad. You want to adopt a model that it doesn't matter who is right but what is right.
The "C" for courage is a requirement to take action toward your success. It's all well and good to have a goal and to understand all of the aspects of it, but if you are afraid to take action, you will never achieve it. Desires and beliefs will never be translated into reality. You are going to make mistakes, head off in wrong directions and you may even cause yourself some embarrassment but don't let those things divert you from the successful completion of your goal. This characteristic is difficult for many of us; so, start with little things that will build your courage muscle and then move onto bigger and bolder goals.
"C" for compassion is based not only on the regard that you have for other people but also for yourself. The feelings that we have about others tend to correspond to our feelings about ourselves. Realize that others are just like you, they are unique personalities and creative beings. Take the time to stop and think about their feelings.
Esteem "E" is the opinion that you have about yourself. Start to see yourself as a worth, successful person. The word esteem literally means to appreciate the worth of something. As a human being you are one of the greatest creations in this universe, by accepting that statement as true you are well on your way possessing this characteristic.
Self-confidence "S" is built on experiences of success. Whenever we start something new we do not have the expertise that would engender confidence. However, we can pull up past success and realize that we have undertaken many things in our lives that we have successfully accomplished. Deliberately remember and picture those successes as you proceed in this new endeavor.
Self-acceptance "S" kind of speaks for itself. You have to understand that as a human being you are full of assets and liabilities. Accept both aspects of yourself. Most of us are better, wiser, stronger and more competent than we realize. Release the talents, powers and abilities that you already have and you will easily reach your goal of success.
We want to thank Dr. Maxwell Maltz and his book "Psycho-Cybernetics" for this acronym.

How to Change Your Attitude Towards Success!

I recently came across a very fascinating book about success and thought about sharing what I learned with you. I want to provide you some important key elements for you to apply in your daily life and change your attitude and bad habits.
Approximately 80% of people will never get to experience success as they have imagined in their minds. So why is this the case for so many individuals? It is all about attitude! To have the right attitude, you need the right mindset. Those who are very successful and belong in the top percentile of millionaires and billionaires, chose to take control of their conscious and unconscious mind in order to attract wealth and success.
Discipline is very important for attitude change. Changing your attitude could start from very small habit changes. For example, organizing your room, reading a book, exercising, doing yoga, walking your dog will give you more discipline and will-power.
Procrastination could be the worst habits to adapt because the side-effect includes laziness.I myself have experiences procrastination and it is one of the worst "fake best friends" for a human mind. To thoroughly remove procrastination, you need to consciously accept the fact that if you don't get this task finished today, you will make yourself more lazy tomorrow. Keep in mind that the more you let your mind be in control of you, the more procrastination you will experience.
Change your attitude towards people. Relationships are very important, thus always be courteous towards others. Remember, the way you treat someone is the way you will get treated back. If you have positive and loving relationships, you will have a better attitude towards life and more opportunities for success will open for you.
When negative thoughts flow to your mind, consciously ignore it and change your thoughts towards positive thinking. The mind could be the persons worst enemy or best friend. To discipline your mind, you need to consciously start thinking optimistically until it become unconscious. One way you can do this is through positive affirmation. Optimism is a must for a better attitude towards becoming successful. A pessimistic person can never be successful because they will adapt the attitude of giving excuses.
Surround yourself with successful people. Be around those who experience life through hard work and positive attitude. This would benefit you because you will start to think and be like them. For instance, if you hang out with criminals, the chances of you starting to act like them is very high. Same concept applies for successful people.

Your Daily Lists To Living A Life Of Bliss

The term bliss is defined as perfect happiness; great joy. As we're aware, happiness is a state of mind and everyone can choose to be happy regardless of their current situation in life. To me, one of the best methods for truly living a life of bliss is through gratitude. I have a gratitude journal near my bed that I update daily. The first thing that I do every morning is write down 5 things that I'm grateful for and I repeat the process again at night prior to bed, thus having a total of 10 things that I'm grateful for daily. To illustrate, here's an example from my own personal gratitude journal written yesterday:
  • I'm grateful to all our brave troops fighting for our independence so that we can have the freedom to choose our own destiny in life.
  • I'm grateful to have an extended weekend to share great foods with loving family and friends.
  • I'm grateful to have a platform to blog about my knowledge, skills, and experiences in life that'll help inspire others to achieve their own version of success.
  • I'm grateful that people, including other companies, continue to hire me for freelance writing projects, etc.
  • I'm grateful for the opportunity to wake up every morning to work hard towards my dreams and passion in life.

  • I'm grateful for the dinner that I enjoyed tonight with my loving family.
  • I'm grateful to have this wonderful eBook to read prior to bedtime.
  • I'm grateful to have the bed that I'm sleeping on, along with living in a home that provides my family with not only shelter but also security.
  • I'm grateful that I've completed everything that I've set out to do today.
  • I'm grateful to have had an opportunity to enjoy the sunrise and sunset earlier today.
The list above are just some examples of what people could be grateful for. The point is not to focus on what you're lacking with in life but to concentrate on what you already possess in abundance. Plus, research has proven that people who expressed gratitude had better health not only because they were able to sleep more soundly but also because of less stress, anxiety, depression levels, etc. In addition, people who expressed their gratitude on a regular basis also made grander progress at achieving their goals in life. Reason being is these individuals typically are more enthused, alert, energized, determined, focused, and optimistic. So if you don't already have one, create your own personal gratitude journal today and update it daily!
The next daily list that'll help you lead a life of bliss is what I like to call the "MUST DO" list. Unless there's an emergency that requires your undivided attention, the "MUST DO" list is a daily action item tracker that must be completed in an effort to reach your short-term and long-term goals. In essence, you'll write down 10 items the night before that must be accomplished the following day. Here's an example of some of the key components that should be included in any "MUST DO" list:
  • Description of each action item, along with an associated deadline for completing the task.
  • Prioritize every action item daily and work to complete items from highest to lowest priority.
  • List the reasoning and motivation for why each action item must be completed.
Overall, it could be as simple as ensuring that you pay the mortgage or even mailing an anniversary gift for your parents. The goal is to get accustomed to writing down your goals and objectives daily in an effort to complete those items by the timelines listed. Plus, research has shown that people who accomplish more daily are typically more grateful, happy, and these individuals also develop key characteristics for success, such as being a hard worker, organized, self-motivated, determined, persistent, etc.
Remember, you can't reach your destination in life without first having a map to guide you. Therefore, please ensure that you create your short-term and long-term goals and put in the necessary work daily to achieve your mission and vision in life. I assure you that if you create and update these two simple lists daily, you'll not only lead a life of bliss but also be well on your way to success.
So take this weekend to reflect on your goals, along with celebrating your freedom by taking the necessary actions to achieving your dreams and passion in life.

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