Do You Grab Life by the Horns or Sit on the Sidelines?

The only things in this life you may regret are the chances you didn't take. When you see a chance to be happy, you grab it with both hands and focus on success not consequences.

Financial Freedom is just Around the Corner

The road to success or failure is up to you. If you choose success than fasten your seat belt and drive towards the goal until the destination has been reached.

Live life with no Boundaries

Don't settle for less or else your life will be filled with boundaries. Dream Big and make it come to pass!

Dream Vacation

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience their dream vacation whenever they please. Don't let a job decide when and where you can vacation. Be your own BOSS!

Dream Home

Anyone can own a luxury home or mansion by working smarter not harder. Make money work for you so you wont have to work hard for money.

Three Top Secrets To Success

  1. Positive Thinking.
  2. Positive Actions.
  3. Personal Development.
These are the 3 magic ingredients that have changed my life and allowed me to start living the lifestyle I always wanted.
My life was the same as most peoples. Consumed with work, which involved working on the land, a tough job at the best of times, and a constant uphill battle when forced to deal with mother nature. Mortgage repayments, monthly bills, the occasional holiday. Just an average lifestyle and income which I accepted as 'how my life was supposed to be'. How wrong I was. I used to dream about how I wished things were, but always chose to accept how things are, and thought I could not change it. What I didn't realise at the time was - nothing will change unless I change it. Simple really, when you think about it, yet for so long I had complicated it without even knowing.
Through a business opportunity that I was shown, I knew straight away that this was the defining moment that would change my life for the better. And the 3 things that were going to give me my freedom were positive thinkingpositive actions and personal development.
Positive thinking is extremely powerful. It brings you inner peace, it re-invents the way you feel, it improves your mental attitude, it's motivating, it's constructive, it opens up your imagination, it makes you happy and it is contagious. If you have a positive mental attitude it shows. You smile more, and I have found that if you smile at someone, no matter how angry or sad they may be, it forces them to smile back.
Positive actions are just as powerful. Doing something because you want to, not because you have to, gives you a deep sense of worth. Something as simple as helping an elderly person across the street (which in today's world does not happen very often, sadly), not only makes you feel good, but is uplifting to the person you just helped. Making a decision and standing by it. Another very positive action. I used to procrastinate a lot. I had the attitude 'wait and see'. Wrong. Don't wait, act! Make the decision and follow it through. That is positive action.
The third secret to my success is personal development. The decision to change my life, myself. Not wait for someone else to do it for me. Which, by the way, I discovered was never going to happen. Personal development is the choice to improve yourself. Be organised, improve your knowledge, have faith in yourself. Trust your instincts, train your sub conscious mind. I didn't have to look for all these things. They were always there, I just had to learn how to use them. And you can too.
We all have the ability, we all have the desires, we all have the level of awareness to change. Use it. It's not that hard to do. Just focus your energy in the direction of these 3 secret ingredients and see the difference it will make. Success can be yours. It has worked for me, and I know it will work for you.
My life literally did change overnight, once I discovered the power behind these three secrets to success and it was all thanks to a home business that I was introduced to. I thought I was joining something to make some extra income, and yes the money is great, but it is the personal success journey that has taught me how to reach my full potential. The company I work with has a strong commitment to the personal growth of each and every member. This is the best decision I ever made.

Making Time For Me

This is going to be a difficult for some of you but I swear it is absolutely necessary.
Don't work all the time!
I've been there you know. When I first started I worked all the time: days, evening, weekends. I wanted to make my business a success but in all the organising, getting the right website, marketing strategy, networking, portfolio and so on I neglected the main component of my business - me. I ended up tired, grouchy, stressed and ill. My family were less than impressed.
Now, I am not going to tell you how to work, when to work or even how to relax. I am going to tell you what I do now and then you can decide the best way to work & play for YOU.
Firstly, because I know this is the important bit, your work.
It's your business. If you don't work then odds are it will fail. However, the trick is to work effectively. When is your optimum time to work? Mine is the morning. I know if I get into the office as soon as the kids have gone to school (if not before) then I will get much more done and will make better decisions. By about 2pm I start to flag so I tend to save the less demanding work for later in the afternoon. I never work in the evenings unless there is no other option. I know not to work past tea time because my mind gets overloaded and I find sleeping more difficult if I haven't relaxed for a few hours before bed.
You may be different, in fact you probably are, so the main thing to think about is when you work your best and plan your day accordingly.
So, you have the work sorted. Now playtime.
You have to take time off. There is no ifs, ands or buts - you have to take time off. The best way to do this, and I wish I'd done this from the start, is to set boundaries with your work. Do not fall into the trap that you are always available to your clients. I would answer emails at evenings and weekends which set up the expectations with my clients that they could always contact me then and that I would respond.
Eventually I realised this was not good for me and therefore my business. I now do not respond to emails at evenings or weekends unless it is absolutely necessary. After all, if I worked in an office then the phone and email would go unanswered until normal working hours.
Evenings and weekends are mine. I may work if I feel like it but only on fun stuff. I generally read, spend time with my family, socialize or write. Or just veg in front of the TV to totally turn my mind off.
It may not be evenings and weekends for you, but whenever you choose your playtime to be then use it insensibly. Have fun. Re-energize so you can be at your best when you are at work.

Happiness: A Step Away

Happiness stems from the inner feeling of peace and the calmness surrounding it. While many believe that happiness would come to them from the things that they do or the needs they fulfill, it does not truly work that way.

While little things could change your mood and make you happy, happiness comes from inside. Of course, there might be factors that activate your happiness, but some people, at the worst times, remain happy.
In the saddest moment, there is always something that can change your mood. It's not something that you can see, and only few people can feel it. It requires a lot of work in order to obtain and once obtained, you can never let it go. Just like you, everyone has trouble of his own and everybody goes through hard times.
If you identify and find the happiest man in the world and ask him the reason for his happiness, he will say that there is no reason he can name, he is just happy that way. Don't -you- mistake happiness with lack of worrisome or for the company of a nice lady or for the wealth, but all of that perishes.
Nothing truly lasts forever, because eternity is a long time. If you want to achieve happiness, then you are up for a long list of tasks that you need to do. You need to get rid of all the straight negative feelings that you encounter because of things you have done or things that were done to you and instead embrace happiness as a friend rather than a feeling; a friend whom you can count on when everything seems to go against you.
Anger will not allow you to reach for happiness. What anger does is, eventually, destructive to both your serenity and the peace surrounding you. While you are in an angry state, go back into your memories and find something that will soothe you. While your memories might all seem dark, there's that one thing that will make you feel good.
When you do well, do not expect or wait for anything in return. If there is a reason for the good feelings, then keep in mind that the reason will fade some day and you will not be able to do good again because your motivation is gone.
And remember that because you do not receive positive effects in return, you will give yourself a reason to be happy when the world frowns at you. You are the master of yourself and only you can give yourself the happiness you need to go on and smile when everything seems dim.
Your smile will turn everything around because you attract this positive energy that will bring you good things in return.
If you ever feel that you are lonely, bring your happiness out through memories and if you have no memories, imagine things that will make you happy. While imagination seems to be an anti-realistic topic, it is the reason for most inventions and the greatest invention that man has ever made is happiness.
Happiness is all around you, if you take a closer look at the world all around you.
But the negative feelings that might encounter you do not only come from you, sometimes they come from things or people around you. If you fail to do something, will you throw yourself into depression or just get back up and hope -even when all hope is lost- so you would be able to keep on going?
If you surrender to the negative feelings then you lose your ownership over your own self and in return, you might seek alternatives that will make you feel in control. But that is never the way to go.
A bit of forgiveness and humble apologetic behavior will turn the tides around. When you are rightfully do something and someone else takes the credit for it, smile and they will lose everything that they have done to steal your accomplishment.
Vengeful behavior will get you nowhere, but acceptance will bring you strength and forgiveness will make you win.
It all comes from you. You control your emotions. You are the master of yourself. If you seek happiness, then know that it does not come from anything around you but your own spirit. If you seek happiness then become happy because nothing else will make you happy no matter how good it is. It will all come to you when you smile to the world and give it a signal to smile back at you.

Dissolving Your Fears

Do you have a cherished dream or desire that you rarely work on achieving? If so, you're not alone. Most people don't take action on their biggest dreams because the mental picture of the goal seems overwhelming and they fear failure. This debilitating fear of failure stops people before they even attempt to succeed. To make goals or desires a reality, we have to chunk them down into smaller tasks that are manageable and achievable. Each small step we take is a small success and it motivates us to take another and another. Soon, the fear that had been haunting us subsides and our self-confidence increases.

I stuttered (stammered) into my twenties and could not communicate fluently. I avoided ordering coffee, asking for directions, answering the phone, talking to a store clerk and networking. Simple daily tasks that most people take for granted were excruciating for me. I was frustrated, fearful and angry. The perpetual mind chatter about the words I wanted to say next was exhausting. But the worst part was that people often make inaccurate assumptions about people who stutter and I did not want to be seen as incompetent.
The work ahead seemed overwhelming, but I was determined to speak smoothly and communicate effectively. After gaining some fluency skills from a speech therapy program, I decided to face my fears and do the simple things that I avoided. I knew I would not become an effective communicator overnight, but I also knew that with consistent effort and action I could get there one day. My action plan consisted of:

  1. Chunking down my desire into manageable tasks.
  2. Daily practice of fluency skills I had acquired from speech therapy.
  3. Visualizing my positive result.
  4. Taking action

I chose tasks that were easier and lower on the fear scale like asking someone for the time.
Part of my daily practice involved pretending to ask for the time, visualizing asking someone for the time fluently and imagine feeling really good about it. It was this feeling that propelled me to take action!
I quickly learned that by making a firm commitment to do what I feared most, I had taken the first step toward dissolving that fear.
I did the same task over and over again until I became very comfortable and fear was no longer the master - I was. Over time, I realized that I was not only overcoming my fears, but my limiting beliefs about my speech were being replaced with empowering beliefs. If I could do things that were low on the fear scale, could I end up speaking fluently without worrying about stuttering? Could the telephone become my friend instead of weighing 1000 lbs? Could I deliver a presentation and make people laugh? These questions signaled the need to challenge myself to go up the fear scale, and I did.
Chunking down our dreams into smaller goals is essential because the conscious mind can only process 7 to 9 pieces of information at a time. Small goals seem more attainable to the human brain than large ones, so we don't feel overwhelmed and fear does not stop us. With every small goal that we achieve our self-worth increases and our fear decreases. Each small success teaches us to believe in ourselves and in the successful achievement of the dream we are pursuing.
My journey to speak smoothly and communicate effectively took 11 years, but it was worth it. There were many ups and downs along the way, but I enjoyed them all because I knew I was becoming stronger and more courageous. I love being able to speak more fluently, but even more than that, I love the freedom of speaking without fear.

Dreams Are Dreams

For most people and some pets, dreams are a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Some are pleasant and they end with a smile when awakened, to others they are bad called nightmares. In the mind of a senior some dreams are the start of plans for the future, that is, a strongly desired goal or purpose. The vision of an experience in real life that has the characteristics of a dream, but is locked into reality - that is a real event, entity, or state of affairs for their future. To many other seniors dreams are just wishes whispered to themselves as they look at the calendar. I wish that day would come. I wish that day would go away and I could keep working with my friends. That can happen by just doing nothing.

Dreams are dreams, or the start of planning a new life. Those wishes or desires don't just happen. They must take form in reality, the quality or state of being real. Being real is the key here, dreams can be far fetched wishes that reach beyond a senior's capabilities or financial or health limitations. It is best, like a lot of things in life, like a shopping list so you don't forget things, to start with a pencil and paper and start jotting down the dreams, realities, and seeing what can be done, and how.
There is that dream of sitting on a lakeside, on a small pier, with a fishing pole in hand. And then there is the one of living in a house, apartment, or condo overlooking a hot beach on a quiet island. Of course, living right where you are, is OK, too, as long as you make a few changes to improve the lifestyle: more friends; different and a variety of activities; or just sitting back and relaxing for a change with a good book and no alarm clock. These dreams have now been altered into a strong desire and are not impossible or unlikely to happen with some careful planning. Start with what, where, and most important, how? Just remember what Neil Young recently said, 'If you follow every dream, you might get lost.' Narrow down that outsized, Can I do this realizing I may not be able to turn back? unattainable list and work on a plan that is 'real' in your personal and reachable environment.
'What?' is likely already solved by narrowing down the dreams into one good one, and have asked the questions: it this doable, affordable, reachable? That would be the dream turning into a nightmare.
'Where?' is an intricate part of 'What?' In answering the first question it is part of the dream. But maybe not, there are a lot of lakes, beaches, houses, condos, and apartments in the world and it has to be narrowed down: far away from where you are in another state; down the block or across the city; in another country like Italy or Mexico; and of course the easiest choice, staying in place with a difference.
And last and the most important, 'How' are you going to do this alteration process of creating a dream into reality, and that depends upon what the 'What?' is. The first thing is to examine the budget and costs of this alteration in lifestyle to see if it is affordable. If so, break out the maps and local brochures and any information about the area if the plan is to move. Search the internet for local cafes, clubs, entertainment, and anything that will make the move a happy one. But then again if the plan is to stay put, then search for the same information in the local area and find the things you have been missing while working every day.
Just remember, dreams are dreams, visionary creations of the imagination, and they can change or be dropped in a whim. 'All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,' said the inexhaustible dreamer, Walt Disney.

Create Your Own Economy

Yesterday someone asked me why I loved the home business industry so much? So gave the political answer and said... "I'll Get Back To You"
I followed up by saying I absolutely love the industry but I want to give you a better answer. So that's what I'm going to give you now. This has been a roller coaster week for me. Seriously WHAT A WEEK.
My Dad has been in the hospital and I have been able to go see him everyday without worrying about a boss, a job or having to answer to anyone but myself. I love this industry because I can spend more time with the ones that I love the most.
You have the ability to design your life the way that you want.  If you want the freedom to do the things you want to do when you want to do them, make a decision and develop the skills necessary to do that. I believe in you but only you can make that happen.
So the only thing I know how to do is give you the life lessons that I have developed over time that has allowed me to have the freedom to be with the ones that I love the most whenever I choose. Trust me If you don't have that yet, you will thank me when you start to design you life that way.
I have put in my 10,000 hours which is needed to become an expert in anything, and if you want to have real freedom you are going to need to put in the time and work too.
Article by Vince Reed

You Can Succeed

Have you ever noticed that it can take only one person to "ruin" your good mood or good day? A disapproving comment from a parent, a critical statement from a spouse or significant other, a brush off from the guy in processing division that you've had a crush on, an insult from one of the popular girls in school; they can cause you to go from on top of the world to wanting to be six feet under in a heartbeat.

Why is that? Do we really want to give that much power to one individual? Why should we take such things to heart? They go on their merry way probably never giving us a second thought while we allow it to affect us in such a way that it stops us dead in our tracks.
I'll admit, I've fallen for it numerous times. There are times when I even set myself up for the fall, expecting one thing from a person, then feeling let down or disappointed because they didn't come through the way I thought they should. I have a tendency to want to help people, then allow myself to get disappointed because they don't realize my goals for them. That's neither fair to them or me.
Instead of giving one person power over me in the form of their disapproval or negativity, or failure to meet my expectations, I should instead focus on overcoming my own obstacles to success. John Maxwell, Jonathon Rosenberg, Will Smith, Steve Jobs, and many others have spoken at motivational meetings. A Nationwide seminar series called Get Motivated! allows attenders to hear from ten different individuals in the day long program to help business men and women succeed.
Taking a day off from the usual routine to attend one of these seminars was one of the best things I ever did. It really turned my mindset around and opened my eyes to the possibilities that lay before me. I listened to Colin Powell, Laura Busch, Kurt Warner, Stephen Pierce, and others. I took notes while those around me watched and listened. I didn't care that some were looking at me with strange looks. I didn't mind the comments that a coworker said that I needed to relax and just enjoy the day out of the office.
They didn't realize I think through the pen in my hand. They didn't know how much of an impact it made, or that I was "that" close to giving up and accepting defeat. they didn't understand how fragile our financial situation was or that we were close to losing everything after a long period of unemployment. At the end of the seminar our boss said that we should share our booklets. I flipped through mine, noting the notes written on practically every page, in the margins and the occasional doodle. I made the executive decision to ignore his instruction, the booklet was mine.
One of the things that Colin Powell stated was that we have to persevere through the CRAP:
• Criticism
• Rejection
• Adversity
• Prejudice
I wrote that little acronym on an index card that is taped to my desk. It's amazing how often I look at it and it takes me back to that day again. Then I am energized and feel that I can brush off the dirt and mire, and tackle things again.
My favorite presentation was from Arnold Schwarzenegger. He had six simple rules to success. These aren't deep, yet they are. They are basic things that we tend to forget when life gets hard. They are so simple that anyone can apply them, yet few do.
RULE 1: Trust Yourself
You have to dig deep down inside yourself and decided 'who you want to be'. What makes you happy? What are your personal dreams? Then trust yourself enough to exert the energy to pursue them despite the CRAP you are going to get from everyone around you.
RULE 2: Break The Rules
You have to think outside the box. Bend the rules, break them even. You're not a Lemming, so quit following the crowd. You've got to stand up for yourself and your pursuits even if it means breaking the rules.
RULE 3: Don't Be Afraid to Fail
You can't always win but you can't be afraid to fail. Fear of failure will immobilize you and keep you from acting on anything. It will drain your energy and leave you depressed. If you don't try you will never win. John Maxwell spends a lot of time on this topic in a book called Failing Forward.
RULE 4: Don't Listen to the Naysayers
There will always be those that say 'you can't", "it's never been done before", "that's impossible". Again you have to ignore the CRAP that people throw your way, and learn to see the underlying code of what they are saying. "you can't" means they won't, and if you do, it will make them look bad. "it's never been done before" simply means someone will be first, why not you? "that's impossible" means it's going to take a lot of work and they aren't willing to try.
RULE 5: Work Your Butt Off!
There's no getting around work. You should leave no stone unturned.
Mohammed Ali was once asked in an interview how many situps he did. He responded by saying he never counts his situps. He only starts counting when it starts hurting. It's only the ones after you feel the pain that count.
This is the main rules that separates the truly successful from the rest. While others are partying, spending their time in leisure, the focused, determined person is knuckling down and working hard. There is no short cut out of working hard.
RULE 6: Give Back
Always find a way to give back. Helping others is the greatest satisfaction. When you reach your goals and your success, remember the ones that helped you to achieve. Just as they gave to you, you need to give to others.
There were a lot of great speakers that day, but these are the things that made the greatest impact on me. I hope they make an impression on you as well. These are not my original thoughts, I had to be brought up from a place of despair. By positioning myself to hear from positive people, I have turned my mindset around from accepting the CRAP, to recognizing it and rejecting it from my life.
That one person this morning that I could have allowed to ruin my day? I wish them well. I've got goals to achieve and I don't really need their approval anymore.
What about you? Are you handing your power, your focus off to others? Don't you think it's about time to stop?
Write on my friends, write on!
Don't give that one negative person the power to ruin your day. Six simple steps to success and a simple creative acronym that is easy to remember.

Why It Is Never Too Late to Make Money

Anyone can start a small business and make money as an entrepreneur no matter how old they are. So long as physical abilities are not severely limiting, making money is a step-by-step process irrespective of your age. Life is what you make of it and life is a just employer. You get only what you deserve and nothing more nothing less. If you did not make money when you were younger, you can not simply give up now on account of old age. Anybody can make money no matter how old they have become. Even though I admit that old age in itself is highly limiting, the limitations are by no means sufficient to discourage anyone from making money. All that is required is simply a shift in focus by first believing that you too can start something. Something that is capable of making money for you.
Nothing happens in this world unless something made it happen. For every cause therefore, there is an equal and corresponding effect. With this in mind, you can start to make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. If you want more from life, you must be prepared to give more to life, your age not withstanding. Money is not made by physical exertions alone even though I concede that age places considerable limits on physical abilities. I know many people who have taken up new vocations after retirement from active service and many are still making money. Getting busy and making money is not only beneficial financially, it is also highly beneficial health wise. Our society currently actively encourages senior citizens to simply sit around daily waiting for when death will take them away. My heart sinks anytime I come across senior citizens pining away the remaining parts of their lives with many living with regrets. That is the main reason why I believe that we must all make conscious efforts to change our attitudes towards life and living.
Age is in the mind. When you think it is too late to start making money, that is when it is too late. It is all a mind and attitude thing. By staying active and busy, your mind is alert and you can therefore avoid apathy and inactivity that old age brings about. No matter how long you have survived by living on the fringes, you can change course at any time in your life by saying enough is enough. You can then start to think of those things that will keep you busy and make money for you too. You can do very many things compatible with your age and physical abilities to make money. That is the key.
Let me remind you that there is no such thing as too late when you are still alive. That you are alive is sufficient proof that you are still useful provided you apply yourself adequately. That to my mind is enough reason for you to show gratitude by still remaining "in service" to help yourself and humanity. What is wrong if that "service" is an economic venture that is both beneficial to you and the society? Think about that some more and you will get to appreciate why you should make efforts to keep busy no matter your age.
Anybody can make money and that includes you old Joe. It is simply a matter of choosing what suits you and your abilities no matter how modest a scale you can afford. That is all it takes to remain useful well into your old age. When after now you hear someone tell you it is too late to make money, tell them to think again because you now know that it is never too late when you are still alive.

Beat By a Girl

I got a chance to see my mom who lives on Maryland which was fun because I don't get to see her often due to the fact that I live in California.
I'm a big boxing fan so their were some good fights on this weekend as well, which I watched eating some home made Baby back ribs, macaroni and cheese and baked beans. Hmm probably why I got beat by a girl today but I will get back to that in a second...
One fight in particular, which took place in Las Vegas between Sergio Martinez and Julio Caesar Chavez was was pretty much one sided with Sergio Martinez pretty much winning every round.
But in the last round Julio Casar Chavez came roaring back and almost knocked out Sergio Martinez with this huge burst of energy and punches from all angles.
The only problem was time was not on Chavez's side as time ran out and Martinez won by decision.  It left Chavez saying only if I had more time, only if I would have started fighting a little earlier.
I couldn't help but think how many people have that same story.  they get so close and then fall short.  Then they end up telling these stories about how they almost had success. Don't let that be you. This fight had me so excited that I couldn't wait to get back in the gym this morning as I always do at 7am.
Today's workout was focused on boxing so this was my chance to do what I saw the fighters doing this weekend. When I started warming up I saw this girl who I hardly recognized.  You see the last time I saw her she was at least 50 to 100 pounds heavier.
I congratulated her on her success and asked her how she did it.  Her answer was simple, I work out hard 5 days a week and I only eat half of what's on my plate. I was shocked with the simplicity of her answer and was curious to see how hard she actually worked out.
All I can tell you is that this girl, who was once over weight beat me in almost every station and workout that we did.  She was not lying when she said she worked out hard. She worked out at another level than everyone else, people were killing themselves trying to keep up with her.
This to me was undeniable proof that if you want something bad enough and you are willing to do what regular people are not willing to do you can move mountains and achieve the unthinkable.
So let's just say I'm going to be eating half of what's on my plate now a days and focus on working out at a much higher intensity because it was not fun getting dominated by a girl.
Article by Vince Reed

Will You Be A Dream Chaser?

Dreaming, aiming, hoping, whatever you call it, they're all the same. The word which drives somebody to move on and live. For without a dream tomorrow is useless. A dream that someday, he'll reach his most awaited position, a dream that someday, he'll find his ideal partner, a dream that someday he'll have this degree, buy a new house and acquire his dream car. Dreaming can lead to two ways. A dream chaser can grow positively or develop negative attitude along the way.
Positive dream chaser
A positive dreamer uses all his means to be able to reach his goals. Utilize all his talents and implement all his constructive strategies to be on his dream position. A good dreamer begins on the basic, start learning the very first step until knowing how to leap. Step by step he goes higher; day by day improve his skills. When he fails he stood up again, evaluate what went wrong, plan new strategy and put into practice other approach that he thinks more appropriate for that situation. A positive dream chaser believes in mentoring. He listens. Successful people in any field of industry once in their lives have their mentors in them. A mentor teaches their mentee, helps him develop his abilities and capabilities, bring him in the middle of the action, let him experience the real thing, exposing him to difficult situation thus preparing him for the possibilities of problems and success. Positive dreamer develops not only skills but more importantly; the attitude. Positive dream chasers are more likely to succeed in all his endeavors.
Negative dream chaser
Negative dream chaser also uses all his means to be what he wants to be. He also makes the most of all his talents, skills and capabilities. The difference between the two is; he is using everything he can, the insidious way. While the positive dreamer works with people, the negative dreamer uses people. He is determined to get what he wants at other people's expense. He also welcomes mentor's teachings but is resolute to do better than what he sees and what the mentor is doing. He is looking beyond with thoughts in mind that someday, this mentor will never be his superior but become his subordinate. While his skills and abilities are growing, so is the ambition to be on the top of everybody without thinking of other's feelings. Off-putting attitude are creeping his whole system thus putting his focus only on the ambition, leaving the emotions and the heart behind. Negative dream chaser succeeded for a while, but eventually finds himself on the ground with nothing but himself and his dreams which failed.
There is definitely nothing wrong following your dreams, in fact, having the desire fuelled you to have enough strength to reach your greatest ambition. Just make sure that as you go higher you still stay as level headed that you were when you were just starting to dream. Dream chaser does not need to rush. Take every single step at a time, learn every detail however small or big it is, it doesn't matter. What is important is the skill that will be added to you and the knowledge that you will acquire after such an experience which will be useful in your future dealings. Nothing great can be found on the tip of your finger, success cannot be reached overnight; sometimes it takes years, decades or more for your dreams to materialize. What is important is, you continue dreaming and believing that you can have it working with the right people, doing the right thing and most importantly; having the right attitude.

How to Prosper - Wealth Tips

What does being prosperous or financially successful mean to you? To me, this means having the abundance in mind,body, spirit and finances to feel secure, live joyfully and contribute to places, causes and ideas that spiritually fulfill me. There are 6 kinds of energy that we focus on as human beings; the energy of relationships, the energy of creativity, the energy of enjoyment and play, physical vitality, the energy of time, and the energy of money.
The following tips will help you get clear about your relationship with money. Get to know what your mental equivalence is. This means what do you believe you are worth with regards to money. Do you experience money leaking in your life? Does it slip through your fingers like water? Create a new prototype, a new mental equivalence of your worthiness. If you believe consciously or unconsciously that you are only worth so much that is the amount you will attract in your life. To create a powerful relationship with money, get clear on what you're limiting belief are and be aware of when you are constricting the flow of abundance.
Set your life intentions. This is your purpose and direction that gives your life meaning and passion. It is important to be clear about your life intentions. This creates an inner tension that will give you a feeling of stability and remains with you no matter what is going on in your life. It is your foundation to build your life upon. This is a starting point for creating a vision for your life.
Create achievable goals that you follow through on consistently with clarity, ease and grace. Set yourself up to succeed by taking sweet steps of achievement each and everyday. This builds your self-confidence and self-esteem. You will feel empowered and this reinforces your focus and commitment.
Become more interested in taking action than listening to your monkey mind chatter. Your mind chatter is your internal saboteur. What you focus on expands. Every person successful or unsuccessful has mind chatter. The difference between people who are successful vs.people who aren't is that people, who are successful, don't buy into the mind chatter. Successful people choose to be more interested in action than fear.
Ask yourself, "Am I in the energy of consuming or am I in the energy of enjoyment and self-love?" when you are spending money. It is easy to over consume anything without really being present and conscious.
What deficits are you covering over that are living inside of you? Often we spend unconsciously and to fill up with a feeling to cover over some other uncomfortable feeling and don't know when to stop!
Is your glass half empty or half full? Be grateful for for all the abundance you do have. What you focus on expands and if your glass is always half empty then this is what you will continue to demonstrate in your life. Remember you have the power to control your money vs. giving your power away to money.

Stop Feeling Worthless!

Everyone has occasional moments when they feel low or even worthless. But when this becomes your default mode, it's time to take action. Otherwise you run the risk of falling into a downward spiral where you feel more and more worthless. Which just won't do you any favors. Try out these tips to help you stop feeling worthless.
1. Find your purpose in life
We're all here for a purpose. We may not have much of a clue about precisely what that purpose is, especially if you get onto the higher level stuff like why the universe exists in the first place, but we can take steps to investigate what it could be.
Start by figuring out what it is that you feel comfortable doing. Because if doing an activity makes your skin crawl, it's almost certainly not what you were put on this planet to do.
Don't be worried if you only get a sense or gut feeling about this - that's perfectly normal.
When you find something you actually enjoy doing, you've found at least one of your purposes in life and you'll find that your sense of self worth increases as you pursue that idea.
2. Tap away those negative thoughts
The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT for short) works with acupressure points. You can find tutorials online at places like YouTube, which has the advantage of showing you someone actually going through the process to help build your confidence that you're doing it right.
EFT is very gentle and you simply lightly tap at the various points with your finger whilst saying various things to allow your worthless negative feelings to melt away.
You don't have to get EFT a hundred percent right - it's designed to work even if you mess things up to an extent. Which makes it a brilliant way to help you get rid of your feelings or worthlessness.
3. Turn your negative thoughts upside down
Most people's thoughts about their worthlessness turn in a toxic direction.
You may not be able to get rid of your negative thoughts immediately - very few people can actually manage that - but you can certainly catch them before they have the chance to fester and grow.
When you catch a negative thought, take a bit of time to flip it onto its other side - exactly the same way as you'd flip a burger. This leaves a fresher side of the thought for you to play around with.
Feel free to wreak havoc on the negative thought. After all, that's what it's been doing to you. Stretch it, question it, bombard it with happy energy and smiles. Whatever it takes to twist it around from draining you to at least being neutral and ideally for it to contribute to your health and well being.
Don't worry if these suggestions don't come completely naturally at first. You'd be superhuman if that was the case.
Instead, chip away at the edges of your feelings of worthlessness and let yourself enjoy things every now and then.
Get more help to stop feeling worthless and find out how you can build up your self confidence.

Tapping Into Positive Energy Sources

But often we use the wrong type of energy. We take the easy (but ultimately flawed) path of tapping into negative energy sources because it can provide instant results. Instant results come at a price though and that price is long-term unhappiness. To overcome this we need to shift our focus. We need to develop the ability harness the positive energy sources in our lives because these come with a much set of side-effects: happiness, fulfillment, and success.
Negative Energy Sources
Negative energy is energy derived from stress, anger, anxiety, hate, and fear. These energy sources provide a quick burst of explosive energy which can be useful in certain situations, like running from pack of ravenous lions. In obvious fight-or-flight examples the usage of negative energy is simply a survival mechanism but do we have a need for such a mechanism in our current society? I don't know about you but my encounters with ravenous lions (or any creature that is about to eat me) have had a pretty low incidence across my entire life. Zero.
Our society has progressed since simple fight-or-flight times and we no longer experience life-threatening situations on a daily basis. So without the foreshadow of possible death hanging over our heads you'd think we would all be happily smiling and laughing while we skip around town singing Kylie Minogue's "I should be so lucky".
Instead we create other means to justify accessing negative energy sources. Maybe it's a tight deadline at work, or a disagreement in a relationship, or an upcoming presentation to the board directors. These are not exactly dangerous situations (i.e. they do not have a direct link to our possible death) but we still tend to tap into the negative energy wells to power these activities.
Tapping into the negative energy sources can become the default choice for many because these energy wells typically lie just beneath the surface and are easy to access. It's like drilling for oil when we know that we have an oil reservoir sitting just under our backyard. We know it's there, we know how to access it, and we know it will provide a quick burst of energy. We'd be silly not to tap it right?
But this is completely the wrong way to look at it. Just because something is easy doesn't make it right and using negative energy sources actually has a raft of negative side-effects on our lives.
Negative energy sources are "dirty" energy sources. The side-effect of using them is that they pollute the surrounding environment, degrading it, and making it unusable for anything else. And in this metaphor that environment is our life.
By tapping into these energy wells we release the latent negative energy that is stored beneath the surface. Some of it gets burned up, providing us with a short-term burst of fuel, but more of it seeps out through every nook and crevice and begins to infect our life. Before we know it, the wonderful garden that we had worked so hard on is dying and we are left with a barren plot where nothing can grow.
Worse still is that once we start tapping into negative energy it becomes highly addictive. The nature of this energy is that it provides a quick-burning explosive release fuel. It sustains us in the short-term but after the initial "high" the effects rapidly wear off and we are left with a conundrum. We could spend time seeking alternative energy sources but we already know exactly where the negative energy wells are and we know exactly how to tap them. So we tap it again. We burn more negative energy, we get the explosive "high", and we achieve short-term goals. It's pretty easy to see why this becomes addictive.
But this addiction is very near-sighted. It only focuses on achieving short-term and immediate goals and does nothing for our long-term ambitions. That is why we need to use positive energy sources.
Positive Energy Sources
Positive energy sources are things like happiness, contentment, excitement, love, and these sources produce a slower, longer form of sustainable energy when compared to the quick burst that negative energy provides.
It is this slow-release feature that makes tapping into positive energy wells so much harder, psychologically speaking. There are no quick-fix results with this energy. It does not provide instant gratification and reinforcement of our decisions. Choosing positive energy sources is a long term commitment.
Because of this the initial process of tapping into a positive energy well will seem so much harder. If negative energy is like the oil reservoir lying just beneath the surface then positive energy is like solar power. The sun exists and we know that we can technically derive energy from it but doing so takes up a lot of time, effort, and money. And the initial energy returns always feel diminished in comparison to this upfront cost.
That is exactly what tapping into positive energy is all about. Setting it up initially is a lot of work and the immediate results are not in proportion to this effort. The results will seem weak when compared to the explosive fuel that comes from negative sources but the key difference is that positive energy sources are permanent. They provide positive energy forever.
With negative sources we are constantly going back to the well to get that short burst of energy. But eventually the well dries up and we have to move on and find another negative energy source and restart the whole process. We tap it, we get addicted to the short-term burst, we constantly tap the well until it dries up and then we move on. Ad infinitum.
This is where we start seeing the true benefits of positive energy sources. Once we have gone through the initial setup we do not have to do anything else every again. We will just receive a constant stream of long-lasting positive energy.
The other benefit of this positive kind of energy is that we can easily store it to build a backup supply of energy. Each day we tap into positive sources our storage capacity of positive energy increases. This is what people talk about when describing a happy person as "bursting with energy". Those people have managed to build up such a strong storage of positive energy that, when compared to others, it seems like happiness is just flowing out of them.
And that's not the only reason we store positive energy. On bad days we can use our backup of positive energy to sustain our daily life. Instead of being forced to look elsewhere for energy we have a reliable and constant stream just waiting to be used. Or, in those times that we face negative situations we now have the choice to "burn" our positive energy to provide the quick solution needed rather than having to tap the negative well. Solving negative problems with positive energy? Now we're talking!
Finally, there is one more benefit to using positive energy sources - what it does to our surrounding environment (i.e. our entire life). Positive energy sources are clean. They are our natural state and they promote a happy and healthy attitude in our lives. They provide long-term, long-lasting, slow-release energy and they do so with a relatively small upfront "cost". It does not make sense to choose anything else to power our lives.
Think about the energy sources you use in your life. Are they negative or positive? Do you feel like you are running from one stressful situation to the next with no rest? Or are you in a state of blissful happiness where you are just bursting with positive energy? More importantly, which one would you rather be?

Pros and Cons of Time Management

Let's make this brief. I'm sure you wouldn't come here if you didn't have issues with time in general. Most of us have not enough - so it seems.
I'll show you three reasons why you should improve your time management and three reasons why you shouldn't even think about time management at all.
The pros of time management
1. You have more time
Yes, that's right. By managing your time, making use of prioritization techniques and learning to be more productive you'll be able to add time to your day. You'll still have 24 hours like the rest of us, but you'll have more hours to fill with what you think is good for you.
2. You take control over your life
Our modern lives are time-dependent. For example: being late is a sign of weakness. Being on time means that you're in control of your life. And you can prove that you're capable of controlling yourself (and thus lead others who can't) by making use of time management techniques.
3. You will be free*
Once you take control over your time you're free to do with it whatever you like. By prioritizing you'll be able to achieve more in less time. You'll have more free time. You can go fishing instead of working late for example. True freedom is when you can choose not only between two things but between all things!
The cons of time management
1. Time management is hard to learn
It takes time to become a master of time management. In the first months you'll most likely struggle pretty often because you're used to procrastinate. You'll have to learn it the hard way if you've never tried to do it before. One might argue that's it's inefficient to concentrate on time management when it takes even more time to learn all about it and act upon what you learned. It's a tough decision.
2. You will be less flexible
By prioritizing you'll lose your flexibility. Example: changing tasks on impulse is not possible because it would interfere with your meticulously planned day. Many people who utilize the methods of time management get lost in it completely and become rigid, boring and oftentimes unhappy. Sometimes acting spontaneously is not only the best thing but also the only right thing to do.
3. You will be free*
Without worrying about your calendar, your time tables and your meetings you're indeed a free individual. The problem is that most people don't want you to be free (because they're not free). Doing business, climbing the career ladder and socializing is very difficult without adhering to certain times, dates and appointments.
As a side note:
*The pros and cons of time management are a subject of your personal point of view. Some argue that you'll be free by utilizing time in your favor, others say that you'll be free only if you stop caring about time in general.
It's up to you if time management is good for you and your goals. But if you ask me I'd always prefer the little extra of control of my life by managing the 24 hours I have in the most efficient way possible!

Craving for Success?

Are you spending a lot of time thinking and thinking and rethinking about your options for having a successful life?
Are you trying over and over to find out what traits and capabilities successful people have that you think you lack?
This is when you are craving for success; you feel you have it inside you, the potential, the talent and the dedication but you just don't know how to make it true. Success really starts with an internal feeling that you are born to be successful and it is a feeling that just never ends but keeps on growing. Success is a track that you have to walk through, some people choose to walk and others to run so simply you choose which way you want to follow to be successful.
One simple advice for you seeking success is to feel this pleasurable feeling inside and then just do anything you can to transform this feeling into something materialistic that you can see and others can appreciate you for.
Every minute that passes in your day is a minute you lost so try to plan for all your time.
In life you will face many challenges and the hardest is when you challenge yourself. We all have 24 hours per day whether we are successful or not but the point is that some people know how to use every second of their time and those are the ones you should be observing well.
The top six steps you must have to start working and to be successful:
1. Be creative or find a creative partner to work with because a creative idea is your biggest asset in any business.
2. Take the idea into action and start PLANNING; Do some research in this step and see what similar ideas were done before and whether they were a success or failure and know why and just start to plan what tasks you need to be done.
3. Build a dedicated team because every success involves team work and don't let financial stuff ruin this because there are many people out there waiting for your call to work on a private work so start looking for this team within your friends and neighbours first then start looking outside. If you have a creative idea you easily can bring a group of enthusiastic players with you to form a brilliant team.
4. Assess your team's potential and capabilities and engage them in the idea and start dividing tasks among them.
5. Put deadlines for every task and monitor the daily work.
6. Marketing and Marketing. Marketing is your door to the real world so never rely on one marketing technique. Marketing is what will distinguish you from others; it is what will form your image, what will make you succeed or fail, and what will make your idea become real.
Now put a big title on a plain paper saying "i am successful" and then start with the steps and start planning for your life and believe in you and just then what you dream of will be just one step away.

Your Why Factor

We all have great aspirations and ambitions in life. We want the best and we also want to achieve the best. We might not tell our loved ones we want to be there for them but it is our greatest desire that we want the best not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones. We also have the greatest desire to make the world a better place with our contributions.
Whatever we want to achieve in life, we must begin by setting goals. We must set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely goals.
What is stopping most of us from achieving these goals is that we do not have a strong enough WHY.
Therefore any goal you have decided to accomplish in life remember to ask yourself "why do I want this?".
Achieving your goals depends on your WHY FACTOR:
What is your WHY? Your WHY is what will make you to get out of bed each morning to take MASSIVE ACTION.
As human beings most of the goals we want to accomplish are SPIRITUAL, FINANCIAL, CAREER, HEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS.
This is what you have to be aware of:
If you are achieving a SPIRITUAL goal, it is your WHY which would get you to do whatever you have to do to become spiritually minded.
If you are achieving a FINANCIAL goal, it is your WHY which would get you to delay purchasing certain things with the hope of achieving something greater in future.
If you are achieving a CAREER goal, it is your WHY which would get you to learn everything about the industry that you want to get into. If it is a new business venture you want to get into, you will invest your time, talent and treasure into helping you to achieve your dream of being an entrepreneur.
If you are achieving a HEALTH goal, it is your WHY which would get you to get up early in the morning, exercise and also eat all the healthy meals.
If you are achieving a RELATIONSHIP goal, it is your WHY which would get you to improve your communications skills and not to blame one other which is not healthy for any relationship. Your WHY in this case would get you to spend more time with friends and family.
What is your WHY? Is it to be the best parent or provide homes for the homeless?
Think about YOUR WHY FACTOR very carefully. As this is the only reason why you will be able to achieve any of the above goals.

13 Reasons to Love Yourself

Love is an adventure of discovery, whether the object of your love is a person, place, idea, or even your own self. Love involves desiring to know and serve someone or something that we love, and then setting out to explore and support the beloved through all seasons. The act of loving stretches us beyond our ordinary wants and needs, to include the desires and essentials of the one we love. The process of loving reveals and creates us as surely as it weaves an unbreakable bond between us and the object of our love, even when our service is unknown to the beloved. The love we offer serves to fulfill primal needs of our beloved: to be seen and acknowledged, understood and accepted, wanted and chosen. Likewise, our essential need to be useful is also satisfied. In a mysterious way that supports rather than diminishes our individuality and autonomy, we belong to what we love, and together we belong to Love itself, to that universal force that is infinitely grander than our individual selves. Lover and beloved, then, each has cause to feel safer in being fully ourselves, to give birth to and sustain the light and shadow of our being, no matter where it leads us, and when.
When a person genuinely loves her or his own self, all of us win. Authentic self-love is an essential element of any healthy relationship between two human beings or 2 billion, or between a human and the Earth. Here are 13 reasons that self-love is an awesome part of a healthy love diet:
  1. The more completely you love yourself, the more fully you can love others.
  2. When you love yourself, you are better able to identify your passions, and more likely to live out of them, resulting in greater abundance for you and others.
  3. When you love yourself, you are more likely to make authentic choices about what you do, where you go, and how you act.
  4. You'll also have greater access to qualities within you such as courage, discipline, and perseverance that are necessary for fully living your dreams.
  5. When you love yourself, you may deter, counteract, or even endure bullying. Kids and adults who consciously love themselves are less likely to bully others, more likely to intervene when they witness bullying, and less likely to take a bully's hurtful words and actions to heart.
  6. Genuine self-love unleashes creativity in work and play and in personal and professional relationships.
  7. People like being around and supporting those who treat themselves lovingly. I'm not suggesting that we should do or be anything inauthentic simply to attract companions. However, humans are social creatures, and the reality is that love-filled people attract us.
  8. Even authentic self-love doesn't always translate into good feelings. But the woman who treats herself with love, even when she doesn't feel great about herself, is more likely to offer life-giving love to other people who don't seem so worthy of it, but are in dire need of it.
  9. When you love yourself, you are more likely to treat your body in healthy ways. You'll eat better, be more active, and get sufficient rest.
  10. You are also more likely to treat your mind in healthy ways. You'll educate yourself about things you consider important and exercise your creativity to solve problems.
  11. You are more likely to treat your heart in healthy ways. You'll pay attention to your emotions and the insights they may bear.
  12. And you are more likely to treat your spirit in healthy ways. You'll look at the interdependent whole of life, of which you are but a part, and you'll look for ways to make significant contributions to us out of your giftedness.
  13. Finally, life is so much more fun when you're in love... with yourself!
No doubt there are plenty of other awesome reasons to love yourself. Take some time to consider your history of loving and being loved. Within your stories you'll find more reasons for loving yourself as well as others.

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