Success Occupies The Space Between Your Ears

Define What Your Success Looks Like
Every person's success is a product of their own imagination. What is my definition of success will not and cannot be yours. My definition of success is as individual as my own finger prints. Defining what is your success is a process that takes you sitting down alone and writing out your dreams. If money were no object what would your life look like. Define what is really at the core of your happiness. Don't just think about it from a monetary point of view. Try to conceive in your mind, what your perfect life would look like.
Success Is Not an End Product
Now that you know what your success and happiness looks like, you have to choose a path that is congruent with your definition. Success and happiness are not end products. Your life is not lived after you achieve success. So find a path that brings you happiness on your daily walk through life. Choose your career path based on your passions. Don't choose a career based on the traditional sense of the word. A career is not defined by going to work for a large corporation for the rest of your life. Your career path may be in writing the next great American novel. It may be through the Arts. It could be in science or mathematics. The point is you have to think about your life as a progression of choices that lead to a continuous melody that is your life's song.
Create Your Goals With Your Happiness In Mind
Short term, longterm and day-to-day goals must be made based on your definition of success and happiness. You need to script your life and create habits of what you define as success. If you want to write, then make a goal of writing daily. If you want to paint, then create a goal of painting daily. Fill your days with what you want and who you want to be by doing those things that define you.
Surround Yourself With People That Share Your Passion
Surround yourself with people who represent what and who you want to be. These people may not be in your current social circles. Sometimes the people you want to be like have risen to a different level. Sometimes the best way to surround yourself by successful people is by listening to positive influences through audio and through the written word. There are thousands of books written by various writers out there today. I suggest going online to the library or Amazon. Download a few and find an author that best represents who you want to be. Read their work everyday and listen to their audio everyday. That way you can keep a steady stream of positive influences to ward off the attacks of negative influences we encounter from day-to-day. Another way is to join groups of people who best represent who you want to be. There are tons out there as well. There are networking groups, business groups, social groups, and philanthropic groups. These groups can support you and help you achieve your beautiful life.


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