No Success Unless You START!

How often have you noticed someone discussing their desire to be successful, or to achieve some degree of success? However, while it is certainly laudable and desirable to want to be a success, it doesn't just happen! Rarely do these individuals even approach this concept by first defining what it means to them, because each individual determines this for themselves, according to a balance between his principles, goals, attitudes, vision, and the actions he inevitable takes. Too often, the same people who discuss this, often fixate on the discussion, while procrastinating on doing what they need to do. Most importantly, each of us must recognize that nothing impactful or meaningful will ever happen unless you actually START!
1. The process must begin with focusing on, understanding, knowing clearly, and the ability to see the needs, and what needs to be done. One cannot sit back and hope someone else will do it, but rather must commit to being proactive and motivating others to share the vision!
2. Take the necessary steps and responsibilities that will potentiate your ability to achieve what you believe needs to be addressed, and actually persistently going forth in a meaningful manner. There must be a commitment to eliminate the often - convenient tendency to fall back on blaming others. Nothing positive and enduring is ever achieved by playing the blame game!
3. Success stems from the synergistic combination of a positive and can - do attitude, combined with the take - charge type of behavior that focuses on the actions that are needed, and a willingness to effectively plan so that you can create an agenda that is based on your action plan. This means that we must avoid the easy alternative of procrastination, and replace it with proactivity and focus!
4. Are your goals both responsible and relevant? Are you attempting to be responsive to reasonable necessities, and addressing areas that are in need of updating and enhancement? Will your plan help bring forth an improvement that will create a longer term sustainability, looking long - term rather than merely on placing a bandage on a wound without addressing the cause?
5. Take the time to use techniques that truly work effectively, and have a plan in place that you focus on, and believe in. When someone understands their personal definition of success, while taking the needed and appropriate action in a timely manner, they potentiate their effectiveness and impact.
Never simply anticipate that you will automatically succeed. Rather, understand that nothing meaningful ever happens unless you first START!


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