No Nonsense Approach to a Focused Life

• What is focus? 
• How do we focus? 
• Does multi-tasking work? 
• Write it down. 
• Plan your flight and fly your plan.
1. What is focus? The dictionary describes it as; "a central point, attraction, attention point or activity." Focus is the key to life. If we are not focused, we are drifting. Focus requires steps to be taken, action must be planned.
2. How do we focus? First, you must make a decision to stop drifting through life. You must write down your goals, the things you want to accomplish, what you want to be, where you want to go, how you plan to get there.
a. Every night before going to bed take a pad and pencil and write down the things you need to do the next day. Don't try to prioritize them now, just make sure you write EVERYTHING down. Then sleep like a baby!
b. Set aside one hour during the day that you can be uninterrupted. I prefer a cup of coffee at 6 am before I begin my day. Write down everything you need to accomplish in life. List every goal you want to achieve. Don't try to prioritize at this point, just write it down.
c. At the end of the day, cut the TV and look over your list of things you need to do and the goals you want to achieve. Now, begin to prioritize them. List the steps under each one that you will need to achieve the goals, or get things done.
3. Does multi-tasking actually work? Ask three consultants and you will receive three different answers, however, most will tell you NO, it does not work. There are exceptions to this; however, I have found that when you try to concentrate on two different things, neither of them gets done properly. Focus or concentrate on one thing and do it well.
4. Write it down sounds like a broken record, but it is so powerful I have to repeat it. Put it on paper.
5. When I was learning to fly an airplane, my flight instructor told me to plan my flight, and fly my plan. It is one thing to plan your day, but it is another thing to actually do what you plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
This is not rocket science. It is just part of my "No Nonsense" plan to life. Life is complicated already, don't complicate it further. Focus on your goals and you will reach them guaranteed.


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