How to Have the Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur!

The mindset of a successful entrepreneur is distinctly unlike the rest. Successful entrepreneurs think and act differently. They consistently defy conformity, doing things that others WILL NOT do so that they can achieve results that others BELIEVE they cannot. What seems like the right thing to do for most people is actually NOT the norm for the 1% at the top. To be the best, it is imperative to go against the grain of conventional wisdom.
To recreate a new reality, reinvent yourself. It's not possible to change your current life with the same thinking that created it. You might be familiar with Einstein's famous quote:
"We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."
Eradicate the mindset that created your present circumstance to open the way for a success mindset, the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. Success in life requires a single shift in mindset, from a position of powerlessness to a position of true power.
So how does one begin this shift?
Change from...
- Thinking lack and limited supply TO thinking abundance and unlimited supply
- Short term, immediate gratifi cation thinking TO long-term, delayed-gratification thinking
- Win-lose thinking TO win-win thinking
- Security thinking TO opportunity thinking
- Survival consciousness TO prosperity consciousness
- Competing and cloning TO collaborating and creating
- Focusing on getting TO focusing on giving
- Making an impression TO making a difference.
Throughout history, the strong-willed have constantly tried to dominate, imposing their practised ways upon others, especially their beliefs about life and how it should be lived. Those who are submissive are taught to fit in; to adapt; to conform; to go along to get along. It may seem easier to adapt to their ideas of what is best for you rather than work things out yourself. However, your meek or forced acceptance of other people's ideas can seriously disadvantage you, suppress your individuality, hamper your progress and stunt your growth.
While it is important to learn from the accumulated wisdom of others as you evolve and grow, your instincts may tell you to take a different path - a path less travelled. It's a choice only you can make, that is, whether to take the beaten trail or follow your instincts - and there's nothing more exciting!
If you're feeling frustrated with your life, you probably have relinquished your freedom to consciously create your own life experiences, the very things that ultimately bring you joy. Often a frustrated life means you've chosen the path of least resistance. Effectively, you're stuck. To move forward, it's time to get 'unstuck'.
Each of us has our personal desires or goals. The achievement of our personal goals generates deep personal happiness. When we fail to embrace our true passions, it's harder to achieve genuine, lasting success. For a successful entrepreneur, success comes faster when we do the things we enjoy and WANT to do. Doing the things that give us no personal satisfaction is exhausting, demotivating and soul destroying.
When you consider the many elements that have influenced and shaped your current reality, you may realise that there is much to undo and reprogram. However, when you understand your divine nature and the unfaltering natural Laws of the Universe, you see that everything you've done has brought you to this; you can now consciously choose more empowering thoughts and actions. Such a realisation releases you from a victim mentality. Understanding how your past created your present empowers you to recreate your future by confronting your greatest challenge - your comfort zone!


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