How To Fall In Love with Yourself!

“You always hurt the one you love.” A memorable line from a classic love song. The fact of the matter is, though, that it is probably true in more ways than one. Sometimes hurting another person is inevitable; however, often times we will actually hurt ourselves even more by not loving ourselves in the right way.
What does that mean? You have to take care of yourself first.

A relationship with another person is not going to make you happy if you aren’t already happy. If you get stressed easily or frustrated quickly over the simplest things, that means you have not developed the tools to cope well with uneven situations. So… if you can’t accomplish that when you are by yourself, how are you going to do itin conjunction with another person?
Take care of yourself first. Be happy with you. Maybe that means taking a class on stress management. It could mean seeing aprofessional to help you deal with those little frustrations that hold you back from enjoying your life.
Figure out you. Then consider joining up with a partner.
The truth is, people who exude self-confidence and seem happy are more attractive to others. To help you get to that place of self-love, here are some suggestions.
 Take care of your mind and body. Eat right. Food should be seen as a necessity, not a reward or punishment. Google “super foods” and find out about everyday foods that are good for your mind and body. For example, did you know carrots are great for your eyesight?
 Exercise, or at the minimum stay active. Again, it’s about fueling your mind and your body. Just 10 minutes of some kind of activityin the morning can get your blood flowing and get your day off to a good start. This is about you feeling good and feeling alive and ready to take on the world. And that joy will attract others, no doubt!
 Have some quiet time. Sometimes your body and brain need a moment to refuel. Smell the roses. Take a deep breath and suck in some good air and sunshine!
 Stay connected. Don’t neglect friends and family, especially those who tend to support you, listen to you when you need an ear and encourage you. You need that feeling of belonging and that knowledge that there are people who’ve got your back.
 Be thankful. Take the time to revel in the joy of an accomplishment, big or small. Give credit where credit is due. That can be so freeing… to acknowledge the little things as well as the big things. It will make you feel good!
 Don’t let negative thoughts or emotions linger. It’s OK to acknowledge them, but then you must let them go. You can do that by taking a walk, calling someone who always seems to make you laugh… in other words, flip the script.
 Finally, last but definitely not least: have fun. Sure you should work hard, but you also need to play hard. Treat yourself to a funny movie, sing in the shower… do things that make you smile and laugh. People will wonder, “Why is this person so happy all the time?” And guess what? People will want to be around you.
Exude positive energy. Love yourself! Indeed, happiness is contagious!
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