Giving and Receiving: The Key to Personal Happiness and Success

Do you want more in life? Then you need to give more!
Giving takes many forms. Genuinely wishing for people to be happy is a form of giving. Allowing people to be themselves without wanting them to change and without controlling their behavior is also giving. It's called "giving someone space". Accepting people for who they are and acknowledging their merits rather than judging them, is giving too. You can give money, time, understanding, love and compassion. Give as much as you can, and you will receive 10 times more in the form of love, positive energy, material success, career, relationships and internal happiness! And remember: you are most likely to receive from different sources, not from the ones you give to.
Feeling lonely? You don't give enough!
Giving is the quickest way to disperse loneliness. Caring for another human being and expressing it by giving (your time, attention, love, or a blessing) is the best way to feel connected. If you feel isolated, not understood, not fitting in, then deep down you are probably a selfish person and you simply don't give enough. Shift your focus away from yourself and onto another human. Show them some care and compassion; help them out for the sake of doing something good! You are guaranteed to feel more connected and far less lonely.
Feeling sad and depressed? Giving is the cure!
The amount of satisfaction a human being gets from giving is the highest level of satisfaction you will ever get. Sadness and depression go hand in hand with a "victim" mentality. The "poor me" consciousness is a mental state of helplessness and disempowerment. Shift your attention away from your misery by focusing on solving someone else's problem. Give them care, love, attention, money, time, or anything else they may need. Volunteer your time somewhere! Consider charity work! Give something from your heart and watch sadness and depression disperse while happiness takes over.
Do you know how to give?
Giving has to be from the heart, anonymous, expecting nothing in return but the personal pleasure from giving itself. Those who feel depleted from too much giving don't know how to give. If giving is unconditional and from the heart, it should leave you feel satisfied, happy, energized, content, recharged. If you give in the right way, then you will receive 10 times more and you will be an infinite source of giving.
The balance between giving and receiving is a state of mind. You choose to feel rewarded. Or not! You choose to notice people's gifts. Or not! There is nothing objective about receiving. It is a matter of perception. And the more genuinely you give, the more open you are to noticing how much you do receive in life.
If giving depletes you, if you feel like you constantly give and never receive, then you don't give unconditionally. Giving that makes you resentful is not true giving. It is desire to control. "I will give you my love/money/time, etc. as long as... " You can fill in the gap with anything you like and it will all be coming from a desire to control and ultimately lead to resentment. Stop controlling the people around you with your gifts and the resentment will disappear.
Expect nothing in return and allow yourself to truly feel happy for the other person, no conditions and no expectations. What you will get in return is priceless: you will feel free, energized and overwhelmed with happiness. Positive energy will start streaming back to you and you will want to keep on giving forever. The more you give, the more you will receive. And the most you can give, is forgive!
Forgiving: The Highest Form of Giving!
A true giver knows how to forgive. Forgiveness is the highest form of giving and the very thing that holds the key to your own happiness. Forgive yourself first! Then forgive everyone else that you think has hurt you. The reality is, no one has the power to hurt you. You are the one who chooses to feel hurt and you choose to blame someone else for feeling that way. Let it go, forgive and forget! Stop drinking the poison waiting for someone else to die.
Forgiveness can be very easy! The only thing you need to do is give up the idea that you are right. Remind yourself that we are all human and we can all make mistakes, mostly unintentional. Forgive by sending out positive energy and love, and watch the positive energy and the love coming back to you many times over.


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