Finding Your Way Back to Love, Happiness and Passionate Living

Experiencing life's challenges, difficulties and obstacles can and will break our spirit and our love for life. It can send us into a catatonic depression that can prove very difficult to lift ourselves out of. There is no shame if you find your life feeling as if you are at rock bottom. When you are at your lowest, that is actually a good thing, because you only have one way out of your situation and that is - Up! Of course, when you are down it is hard to think of anything good ever happening to you or for you. As hard as it may be, this is where we need to keep the faith. We need to believe that no matter what it is we are going through now - This too will pass. If you do not believe it, think back to a time in your life where you were going through something difficult, look at where you are now. Didn't you get through that difficult time? Yes you did. That means you can and will find your way back up to the pinnacle of your life.
Finding our way back to love, happiness and life can be easy as 1,2,3-steps or it may take many more steps in order for us to climb back up to that high point of our life. It is important that you take the time to motivate and uplift yourself every day in order to strengthen your core self. If you are not strong internally, you will fall back into the quagmire that you are trying to lift yourself out of. You cannot afford to be drawn back down into the abyss of despair, unhappiness and a life filled with no love. When you are working on rebuilding your life, you may find it necessary to put on blinders so that outsiders do not distract you from your goals and your dreams.
You have to become a leader in your life so that you will be able to take your life from zero to a zillion and that means that you need to decide whom your circle of everybody should be made up of. You will not get to the top if you are constantly allowing external forces to pull your strings. There was a story of a Vice President who was always asked to go out drinking with the boys from work. He politely declined each time and each time the boys felt insulted. Someone overheard the boys kvetching and that person turned to them and said, "Well, he's the Vice President because he is not one of the boys out drinking every night". One of the boys quit being one of the boys after that and not too long afterwards found himself in an Executive Suite. If we keep doing the same things that we have always done, then we will keep on getting the same results.
Our life will never move from where it is if we keep being around the same individuals or environments that drain our energy make us feel empty, unhappy and unfulfilled. The same old story and the same old life no longer work. You may have been thinking very low of yourself and as a result, the quality of your life fell. When you start to pick up your life, you start to take leadership over your life and the quality of your life will significantly improve. You are now in the driver's seat and you can now steer your life in the direction of love, happiness and passionate living. There is far more to life than living in catatonic depression. Moreover, if you are depressed then you have forgotten how to live your life passionately. However, you will not move from where you are until you are sick and tired of being where you are in your life.
When you can get up and say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, then that is when your life will begin to take life. It all starts with you. Some people may make it over into your new life, or you may make new connections and then there are others who will not make it over into your new life. Release them with love, thank the Universe for the experience and then move forward in your life. Don't keep looking back at the door that closed. A bigger, better and more exquisite door will open up for you. That is why we have got to make the decision to firmly close the door on our old life in order to move forward into our new life. When you are ready to do that, you will then begin to find your way to love, happiness and passionate living.


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