Are You a Black Sheep?

Thank God I am a black sheep...
Have you ever been called a " black sheep?"
If you have, rejoice with me as you are most likely a liberator, a game changer whose life purpose is to break the chains of mental slavery that human kind gladly and unconsciously adopted... to this date most people are still "slaves" of their own minds and deeply sleeping through life like zombies...
If you have watched the matrix movies you will get the analogy of "thinking" that we are creating our own reality using our free will when in fact we are just following our programming, " a program" plugging in to the beliefs and the collective consciousness of "the matrix"/ "environment where we live ". When you wake up like Neo and take "the red pill"; you become aware of what is really going on in your life and you get to actually USE your free will.
History shows that all the "Heroes" who have made a positive difference in humanity were the ones who were non-conformists, the ones who thought outside the box, the "divergent ones "on whom the collective "programming" didn't work; the ones who were called "bad", rude, disobedient, the ones who dared to experience things that others didn't dare, the crazy ones who didn't follow the rules, the ones who were rejected by their people, the ones who refused to stay enslaved once they had a taste of the truth, a taste of true freedom... 
Even when we are "asleep", we keep asking for freedom because deep down we want to be liberated, we want to shine, live by choice and by design. Remember who we are and live as such...
What does this tell you? That it is OK to be different, to Be unique, not to fit,to follow your own heart, to be what you aspire to be besides the humiliation,prosecution, rejection and mockeries, it is OK for you to do what you want to do as long as you are taking away people's free will.
Jesus said on his crucification cross: "forgive them father for they do not know what they are doing". So true! When you are " enslaved " and "asleep", you do no realize what you are doing or being whether it is considered evil or good.
Some cultures and religions know how to scare us, how to control us because if we are "asleep", we need rules,guidance, we need to be told what to do, believe and who to be
The beauty of being awake is choosing to follow what your heart tells you to follow: this is what the black sheep do and this why they are harshly judged, sometimes rejected, feared. The true liberators are on the driver seat of their mind and soul; they chose to reclaim their power, to live by choice, to love unconditionally, to help others awaken, to be light workers, to allow God to use them as instruments for the greater good and they will not fit the description of society's' golden boy or girl.
Embrace being a black sheep if you are one, enjoy the ride and the journey, stand firmly in your power, lead and choose to live a free and magnificent life.



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