Three Keys to Success in Life

Everybody on planet earth wants to succeed in life. There is no man or woman alive today, that wishes to be a failure. The only difference between people is the areas of life that they would like to succeed at. Here are seven keys to succeeding in life no matter the area you want to concentrate on. Anybody can be successful; all they have to do is so apply these keys to success. Success is not exclusively preserve for rich and famous, you can be successful too. Just apply these seven keys to success in your life.
(1) Realize that there is no free lunch. There is a popular proverb that says good things come to those who wait. Yes if you are waiting in line at the local fast food place but when it comes to being a success, you got to go out there and work for your success. A popular Ghanaian proverb also says that if you stand with your mouth open and wait for roast chicken to fly into it, you are in for long wait. Don't wait for your ship to come in, dive into the harbor, swim out to your ship, grab the ropes and drag your ship in.
(2) Growth is essential to success. Personal development is another of the keys to success. You have to make sure you keep growing spiritually, mentally, and socially. Know the area you want to excel at and make sure you educate yourself about it in and out. Choose an area of specialty and get trained, make yourself an expert on that subject and you will soon reap the benefits. Talent alone is not enough to make you successful. For instance, there are a lot of talented singers out there, but definitely not all go on to become successful musicians and there is a difference between a talented author and a best-selling author. You need to add to talent training g, marketing skills, business skill, and so on to package yourself into a successful brand.
(3) Your attitude to life will determine your altitude in life is a truism that has been proven time and time again. Challenges come to all, if you have any problems in life right now, the only to say is "welcome to the club". No one in life is exempt from problems but your attitude to it will determine whether the problem will floor you or you will surmount the problem. There is the story of two shoe sales men sent to a village of people who did not wear shoes. The first sales man sent a report "people don't wear shoes, no need to set up here, going home"; the second sales man sent another report "people don't wear shoes, lots of opportunity for sales" no need to guess who became the more successful sales man.
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