The Sooner We Find Our Passions The Better

The further we get in life, the more we look for our passions in life. Or at least that is the way I see it. It really becomes so important to see how fast time is passing and to look around a little bit to figure out what your passion is - a key to life for sure. Sam Crowley is someone who has a fantastic book and a great podcast along with other things for years, who's main message is to follow your life's passion and not to settle for mediocrity. It's a great message and I encourage you to check him out, along with others who's message is to inspire and to get you going in finding what your passion is in life. A recent thought from him dealt with the idea "Don't give me easy, give me, is it worth it!" That really got me thinking about the old but true adage, that nothing really worth while ever came easy.
Another key that I try and get my students to realize that it can be really cool to figure out what that passion (or passions) is early in life. The sooner the better. That means that we can't be clueless... we need to have a clue in life. We need to be on the lookout for what motivates us, what drives us, what gets us fired up, what is it that gets you out of bed (many times before your alarm goes off), what is that you just have to do more of since it's always on your mind?
When I say the sooner the better - that really hit home last week as one of my son's friends was sadly killed in a snowmobile accident. A couple of weeks away from his 19th birthday. This kid connected with so many people, of all age groups, including me. Eric was someone who had tons of passion in life about people and other things that was a fantastic lesson for me and I think others, judging as to how many people I saw at the funeral home and at his funeral mass the next day. It brought the sad reminder about we don't know how much time we have. It drives home the point that we can't waste time in our lives. The time is NOW to start going after things that you have passion for. We have all had an "Eric" to give us those lessons my friends. But the cost is entirely up to us. Do we want to wait and watch more time fly by? I have figured out.. no... not me any more. With my 48th birthday coming up this month - no thanks, I can't wait anymore. Do I wish I started earlier? You better believe it. Could I have started earlier... I guess looking back, I did start earlier. It just took me awhile to continue it on and start to do more things to make these things happen for me. I have a kid who loved the color yellow, who loved life and the people in his life, and loved Dr. Pepper pop (which I do too... always as a kid and I've reminded myself of that lately) that gave me another lesson in my life. God Bless him!
So the things that seem to be hard in life - don't wish that things were easier. Ask yourself is it worth it? Then look for ways to make to make it happen. The great things in life - the ones that touch our hearts and our soul - are usually not easy. As Tom Hanks said in the movie "A League of Their Own" about baseball - "The hard is what makes it great." Look to see what drives you, find that passion and then ask yourself - is it worth it? I think you might know that answer is. I know I do. Any thoughts or ideas to share? Let me know!!


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