The Six Benefits of Character In Your Success

Most people in ministry, business, career and in their daily lives want to be successful. The one thing that I have found over the years that speaks volumes to your success is "character." Character is defined as behavior on display. It is the visible demonstration of Godly values on a moment-to-moment basis.
Character commands respect and commitment. It is anchored by integrity and is maintained in adversity.
There Are Six Benefits Of Character:
1. It gives you a platform for others to hear you.
2. It makes it possible for others to trust you.
3. It gives others permission to see you as role model and mentor.
4. It becomes a magnet to attract provisions for your vision.
5. It positions you to be a blessing to others.
6. It positions you for promotion.
It is your responsibility to bring yourself to a place of change where your character is a reflection of your inner strength. This type of change requires knowledge and honesty. It is on purpose and by design.
Character change requires discipline. Some people short change themselves by limiting themselves with false beliefs concerning character. There are three false beliefs that hinder people. First, the belief that they cannot change because they tried once and they were unsuccessful. Second, the belief that character change is not their responsibility. Third, the belief that their character is not as bad as it seems.
There are three reasons character change will advance your success. First, change provides a natural example to other. Second, success and fulfillment can be postponed until you change. Third, your future hopes and desires will hinge on your character change.
If you want to experience greatness in your life you must believe that character change is possible for you. You must make a decision to have victory in every area of your life including character. Find a role model to pattern your life after and then develop a life plan strategy to develop your character.
When you take these six benefits in mind and ponder on where your character is, in relation to your success, you will discover that in every step, phase or level of your success there are some benefits to having a right and godly character.
You Character Assignment:
In reviewing the six benefits of character which one is most important to your success now?
What, if anything, do you need to do to develop your character to experience more success?


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