The One World Trade Center

If there are two things the people of New York work well with, those things are creativity and hope. Now those two things are being brought into line to create the New World Trade Center - a cultural and economic hub that's not just the world's most famous venue, but a sign of defiance, strength and freedom.
The New World Trade Center is an architectural icon, set on the original World Trade Center site. Its main feature is the One World Trade Center tower, designed by renowned architect David Childs - the tallest skyscraper in the city. September 11 facts and opinions are full of conspiracy theories, but the facts about the new building are simple, plain and easy to understand. They show that the American people are re-building their lives, and the One World Trade Center tower, formerly known as the Freedom Tower, stands at 1,776 feet, representing the date the Declaration of Independence was signed, to get this message across.
Twin Towers pictures can be found all over the internet. The towers were impressive structures unfortunately destined for destruction, but now Ground Zero, New York, is being repaired and improved to face a new future. The original World Trade Center site will become the ultimate in modern design as new high-rise buildings dominate the landscape. The new tower features state-of-the-art safety and security systems, and it's green and eco-friendly, too.
Relatives of those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks have signed and left messages on the girders creating the main framework and the Freedom Tower's structure, whilst the Ground Zero Museum houses those original World Trade Center photos and remnants that make the whole message of this new beginning so important. New York City pictures, old and new, show a changing landscape at the site. The message is important, but in Lower Manhattan the functions of these new towers and buildings are just as important. The new area projects include a public park, high-tech offices with secure features and climate control, and world-class restaurants and shops making the center an economic hub for tourists and residents alike.
Public transportation will be powerful in their own right, too. They'll serve 200,000 commuters per day, as well as catering to tourists and visitors with state-of-the-art signaling and fare collection systems. Meanwhile, at the heart of it all will stand the World Trade Center Memorial and Museum, offering people from all over the world a place to reflect, remember, and find out more.
The 9/11 memorial will offer future generations the chance to learn about the events of the day, and to visit the survivor tree and memorial exhibition. The names of all who lost their lives are inscribed within the memorial, and all are strategically placed. The New World Trade Center is a celebration of recovery, it's a sign that the people of America have not been broken, but importantly it's built with the memories of those lost in mind.
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