The First Step To Greatness: Take Responsibility

The easiest and most traveled road to mediocrity or failure lies in blame. When you play the blame game, you're always betting against yourself; nothing good comes of wasting your precious energy on thinking about your unfair circumstances. It is very easy to fall into that cycle of thinking: attempting something, failing at it, giving up, blaming everything but yourself, becoming bitter; then repeating the cycle on a new task. In many ways it is similar to depression because it is a very skewed way of doing things; you live your life on a crutch because subconsciously, you've already convinced yourself that you do not have what it takes to win.
Taking the path your life takes into your own hands requires courage and not everybody takes advantage of the courage inside themselves. Everybody has this courage, this belief that they are worth more than they are now; but they allow fear to turn that great flame into a dying ember. Too many people out there are living their lives by going through the motions, simply passing through; doing things in such a mundane way because that's the way they believe they have to live in order to make a living. If you're living in such a way; your world is without colour or purpose. Dare to be different! Separate yourself from your 'friends' who don't believe in you; they don't deserve your friendship. Make a decision to take responsibility for every action you take from this point onward; after every hour ask yourself if it was truly well spent or if you could have changed something. This is exactly how you begin to move forward! You've turned the 'Autopilot' switch on your life to 'Off' and now you're the one in control, you'll begin to see your actions as those that have value (those that add to your wisdom or bring you closer to your goals or simply just joy) and those that do not.
You have but one life to live and it is very short, each chapter seems endless until you look back one day and its over. That is exactly how you know that most of the decisions you made were not conscious and deliberate, full of purpose and life; but rather a mindless afterthought because your thoughts were probably stuck in the 'what ifs' of the future. If there is anything to take away from this article it is this: from today onward, make every hour a deliberate act on your part. Then watch how you'll feel a burning need to constantly improve yourself.


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