So You Want to Be Different?

What kind of difference are you interested in? Do you want to know how to be a success? What kind of success do you want to experience? Are you interested in accomplishing something that will actually change the world for the better?
Here is a powerful thought: If you want to change the world, begin by changing yourself. And any change of self must begin with a change of attitude and thinking.
Here are some fundamentals that will lead you to success and possibly becoming a world changer:
1. Accept yourself. We are not our professions. We are not our feelings. We are not our circumstances. We are not even our thoughts or words.
The issue of feelings is immense if you desire to be truly different in a productive way. Feelings are not authoritative. Feelings are not reality. In order to be successful and different in a positive way, we must learn to master our emotions and our thoughts.
Part of accepting yourself is to stop the comparison game. Do not compare yourself to other people. Find your own standards and simply compare your efforts to your abilities, not to other people. This will set you apart from others, for it will prove to yourself that you are not the product of opinions and social conventions, but you are a product of the gifts and talents you were given, and the product of motivation and desire you have chosen.
2. Accept reality. Life has good and bad. Without good and bad we cannot know and appreciate good. Stop complaining about the bad, and seek to improve it. And, pursue the good. Just because bad things happen in your life should not make you bad and reactionary. Rather, if you truly desire to be different, you must choose to overcome evil with good. This is the difference!
3. Accept help. "No man is an island." You need the help of family, friends, mentors, teachers and bosses. Therefore, if you accept this, you will cultivate relationships with people which will cause them to desire to help you. If your motivation is simply self centered, this will be obvious and you will not find all the help you need. But, if you choose to be connected to other people, to hurt when they hurt and to laugh when they laugh, you will find all the help you need along your journey.
4. Accept responsibility. No one is your caretaker. Nobody owes you anything. You are not a victim. If you do not accept this, you will never be different and you will never be successful. If you want to change your world, you must accept responsibility for yourself and the world around you. And, in this acceptance of responsibility, never be disrespectful to the truth that others are also responsible for theirselves.
5. Be truthful always. The best way to never have to be humiliated for being caught in a lie is to never lie. Always tell the truth and always follow truth. Fantasies and fairy tales are for people who deny reality and responsibility.
6. Forgive. Unforgiveness is a self-imposed prison. If you want to be free, give others their freedom. Do not demand payment for the sins against you unless you are ready to give an account for your sins against others. Let it go, and be free.
7. Pursue excellence. Fight mediocrity. Refuse to settle for less than your best.
8. Do all that you do with passion. Pour your heart into each task, even if the task seems beneath you. For, the passion you use will help you rise above the task and will give you a view that mediocrity cannot give.
Dare to be different. Choose to see yourself as you can be, not as others think you are. Seek goodness and truthfulness and integrity, and love every person you meet. For, the value that you give to others is the value you will be able to see in yourself.


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