Living Up To Your Potential and Gaining Wealth

So many people fail to realize their dreams NOT because they were too big or too hard to reach... but because they simply don't have THE RIGHT MINDSET! They have allowed life to overwhelm them and keep them from taking that all important first step. They have lost sight of the fact that to accomplish big things in life you don't have to do them all in one move. Big things happen when a series of small steps are taken toward a big vision. To take charge of your life and live up to your potential, you must have vision of what it is you want to accomplish and an action plan to take the small steps to get you there.
So, what is the right mindset? First you have to have the right idea about wealth. Its the love of money that is the root of evil - not money itself. Many people have the wrong idea about wealth. They have been taught two very dumb ideas about it: 1) Everyone is entitled to an equal share of it. ("To each according to his needs." 2) Those who have more than others should give it up. ("From each according to his means.")
These ideas move very quickly into thoughts like: 1) "It is the responsibility of wealthier people to share their money with me." and 2) "It is the government's responsibility to make sure they do." Wrongheaded ideas about wealth are not unique to only some countries. They exist in every country of the world.
Many people see money as a static thing - that there was just so much of it in the world and the only way to get some is to get it from someone else. It makes perfect sense to them to have a strategy for growing rich is based on "101 ways to talk someone into giving them money." But there are others who don't feel like. The have another idea about how to get money--by offering a product or professional services and charging as much for them as the market will bear.
None of those ideas will make you wealthy. They will make it harder for you to acquire wealth. Every minute you spend wanting money you didn't earn is a minute wasted and a bad habit reinforced. Becoming wealthy is still possible for anyone with the right mindset.
As a youngster, I had a transformation in my own thinking. My first legal job was working at a laundry owned by my grandfather, and I was paid $0.50 per hour. From that I learned that I didn't want to be a menial, manual laborer for sure. If I was ever going to make any serious money, I had to do it by becoming better educated and being more clever. The first step on the path to wealth begins by recognizing that all wealth must be earned. It isn't anyone's fault that they were born poor countries or that you were not born into a rich family. Instead of blaming, it is important put aside blame and anger and frustration and got to work.

What is your mindset regarding money? Have you achieved all your financial goals? If you need more money then perhaps you should begin by taking personal responsibility for your financial future. We must have a couple of financially valuable skills-managing what you have and leveraging it with to attain money.
Secondly, you need other skills like marketing and selling skills. These skills will make you an infinitely more valuable employee, and they will also form a solid base on which to build your own second or third stream of income. You must also understand and overcome inertia. If you've been doing the same work and making the same money for years there is a good chance you are burned out and not inclined to dig in and move your financial life forward.
Recognize inertia as your enemy. It is the reason you just "can't find the time to start something new." It's also the reason why, having started in the right direction, you get waylaid by personal or social obligations. Breaking through inertia takes a great and sustained burst of energy. But once you break through, once you really get beyond that blame-others stage, then progress becomes increasingly easier every working day. Inertia is the problem and there is only one way to overcome it. That way is action. And here is where the circle connects: Action is the key, but action won't happen until you decide that you - and no one else - are responsible for your success. Get off to a good start today by retelling yourself the following truth: "The world owes me nothing." You will become successful only after you decide to do it.
If you are already beyond that then the next step is to take some definite action. Decide on some significant positive steps that will get you going, even if you are not now sure exactly where you want to go. Get some help from a life coach who will guide you into taking control of your life and living up to your potential. The fact is that your chances of success go up dramatically when you take big dreams and break them down into small, incremental steps you can implement on a daily basis, and a good life coach can help you work through the process.
You also need inspiration to help you stay motivated and keep you in the right mindset. You need the "inspiration" on how to move forward with clarity and purpose.


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