How to Stop Resistance and Take Aligned Action

Do you ever get the feeling that you're going round in circles? That you're resisting the very thing you most want? That using willpower and determination and taking the 'right' action is still not getting you the results you want? If so you're not alone. Many people I speak to want to learn how to stop resistance and take aligned action that will move them towards their dreams and goals.
So why do you resist the very things you actually want?
Resistance and self-sabotage are usually based on your self-image, your fears, and on your beliefs about yourself and what you expect from the world. When these conflict with what you say you want then your subconscious mind acts as a very powerful barrier. It's important to point out here that your subconscious mind holds these beliefs without judgement i.e. they may be good or bad for you, true or false. When you're resisting, your subconscious mind is not aligned with what you think or say you want. Yet this can be changed.
How can you align your subconscious to your conscious mind, and take aligned and congruent action?
The first step is to be humble, and to acknowledge that you can learn a lot from your subconscious mind. Trust that it has your best interest at heart, and set the intention that you will work with it to figure this out. This can go a long way to dissipating the tension, to making it a non-issue for you, and to opening you up to receiving the learning and information you need.
Next it's important to get specific. Ask yourself questions about your fears, about your beliefs and expectations of yourself and of the world around you. It's important to do this with curiosity and compassion, rather than judgement.
Then search for positive examples. Start with you... you will absolutely have evidence to re-inforce your fears and back up your negative belief (as that's what you've been filtering for and recognising to date.) However, now's the time to search for different examples, for times when the opposite has been true for you. You can add positive examples from others if you feel you need more, but I would always suggest starting with you as your belief in your own ability to do the opposite will be magnified. This step demonstrates to your unconscious mind alternative possibilities and alternative truths for you. It helps marry your heart and soul with your head.
Finally, set up a more positive or empowering rule or set of rules for yourself, that remind you of what is possible for you. Affirm this as often as possible to solidify your new belief.
If you take a little time to do this exercise in all areas you're resisting you will find it much easier to take aligned action i.e. action that will move you forward and more easily get you the results you're after because your subconscious and conscious minds, your heart and soul will be aligned with your head. And aligned action is so much easier on you - intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually!


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