5 Principles for a Successful Life

No matter how it seems at the moment, success in life is very much under your control. The law of attraction states that whatever you think about most and therefore request from the universe you'll get. Which may seem at odds with what is currently happening to you, so you need to tweak what your mind thinks about most in order to attract more success into your life.
1. Have big dreams
Our dreams are usually very close to our goals, even if we don't admit as much.
The bigger your dreams, the more you'll achieve.
Even if you don't actually reach the really big dream that you set yourself, you'll get a lot further than if you set yourself a small goal and don't reach it. Or even if you achieve or slightly over-achieve a small dream.
2. Work hard
You usually need to work hard and smart in order to achieve success.
Unless you win the lottery or something equally improbably you're unlikely to get money for nothing.
Whilst there's no direct correlation between the amount of hard work you put into something and the degree of success you achieve, there's certainly more than a passing relationship between the two things.
3. Learn something new every day
Human beings are inquisitive creatures. We like finding out new things. It helps keep our minds active.
Make it a goal to learn something new every day. Whether that's in your main area of expertise or a hobby is less important than the act of learning.
Once you start learning things again, your mind shifts to a different state and you'll start to attract more new things, including more success, because that's what you're focusing on, rather than being stuck in a rut.
4. Enjoy your life
Regardless of your views on reincarnation, this life is the one you're living now.
It's largely your choice whether or not you enjoy it. And sayings such as whether you're a glass half full or a glass half empty person show that your perspective is a large part of who you are.
Set out to enjoy your life, living in the present as much as possible.
And spread that state of enjoyment by being happy often and expressing your gratitude as often as you can.
That seemingly small difference will have a profound, positive, effect on how other people react to you and can help you become a more successful person.
5. Be honest and true to yourself
Honesty and integrity should be the founding principles of everything you do.
Your honesty will come through and will begin to attract more honesty from the people you deal with.
Because like does attract like, whether that character trait is positive or negative.
You have it in yourself to be honest and you probably are already honest the majority of the time. Push for an even higher level of perfection and you'll be rewarded with more success coming into your life.


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