5 Powerful Tips To Conquer Procrastination

Often times, we are the ones who stop ourselves from moving forward in life. We are the ones who limit ourselves and procrastinate on things that we supposed to get done. Conversely, successful people just don't care so much and they will take massive action and be consistent in life, which is why they are able to produce outstanding results in their life. In this article, you will discover the 5 powerful tips to conquer procrastination and build a successful life...
1. Be specifically focus in doing just one thing at a time.
Regardless of what you do, you must focus and do only one thing at a time. We all have many goals that we want to accomplish this year, and if you can choose only one goal, which one will it be? Once you have decided on your most important goal, go all out and do your best to achieve that goal, all the rest will be optional.
2. Break down your work time into smaller piece
Most people procrastinate because they thought they have to spend a big chunk of time to handle the task or the project they have at hand. In fact, you don't have to do so. Even if the project takes 10 hours to complete, you can start with just 30 minutes. You can accomplish a lot more when you do things little by little. And when you focus in only 30 minutes, you will less pressure and you can definitely control your mind to do it, it's just 30 minutes anyway.
3. Celebrate all the wins
Give yourself a reward right after you have taken the action. Even if it is just a 30 minutes work, give yourself a pat, reward yourself with a cup of your favorite beverage or go for a movie. And most of the time you will never stop at just 30 minutes. The 30 minutes is just for you to kick-start and build up your momentum. You have to train yourself to be discipline by celebrating all the wins, even if it is just a small win.
4. Create a supporting environment
Do you know that your environment is one of the most powerful factors that can affect your level of motivation? If you have ever attended any seminar, you will see how they use the environment to boost your energy and get you motivated. You have to do the same in your work place and at your home. If you have a messy work place, the clutter will make you feel lousy and you will procrastinate on your tasks. So build a supporting environment.
5. Adopt the productive mindset
Instead of telling yourself that you will do it later, tell yourself that you can start it now and do it just for 10 minutes. If you always procrastinate on cold calling or writing your dissertation, adopt the growth mindset of a high producer, tell yourself that you can do it just for a few minutes. Instead of thinking that you cannot find time to work on your big project that requires at least 10 hours, think that it is an accomplishment even if you do it for just 1 hour. Always think from the point of a highly effective producer and you will be more productive. This is how you can get things done and conquer your procrastination to achieve the success you want in life.


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