Three Success Secrets Elite Mental Athletes Use to Win Big

 I use the term "Elite Mental Athlete" to describe the people who seem to be always successful moving onward and upward. These successful people have discovered three important success secrets, the same secrets that the world's most famous athletes use to win Olympic gold medals and national championships.
The same three secrets that bring those athletes success on the court, on the green or in the arena can help you create the success you want in the office, on the Internet and in the marketplace.
Sports psychologist Chris Carr says that elite athletes do these key things: 1) "Set goals wisely"; 2) "Talk to yourself"; and 3) "Visualize your performance." Elite Mental Athletes follow the same secrets. What do these keys to success look like in real life? Here are some examples:
1. Set goals wisely. In real life, that means:
  • Do your homework and the extra credit.
  • Be creative, try new things.
  • Raise your own bar and keep raising it.
  • Praise, encourage and reinforce yourself.
  • Have short and long-term goals so you know you are always making progress.
  • Look at your processes from a new perspective, and or get a new perspective from someone else, shake things up a bit and make things fresh and more interesting.
  • Something new and different creates more energy and stimulation.
  • Be passionate.
  • Take yourself and what you do seriously.
  • Have self-confidence and self-respect.
  • Make excelling your goal.
  • Own your successes.
  • Compete against the best, compete with people you respect.
  • Prepare, commit, be self-disciplined, practice self-motivation, and follow your passion.
  • Deliver exceptional personal performance.
2) Talk To Yourself. Create a personal mantra, a saying you repeat constantly in your head to encourage and motivate yourself to reach your goal. Some examples include:
  • "To be a winner all you need to give is all you have."
  • "Practice while others are sleeping."
  • "Prepare, prepare, prepare."
3) Visualize Your Performance. Imagine yourself succeeding and create a mental movie of every step from start to finishing, casting yourself in the role of the successful hero.
  • Picture yourself getting into position to take the first step of the process to reach your goal.
  • Break down the necessary actions into a step-by-step sequence, then put your mental movie together frame by frame, seeing yourself doing each action.
  • See the launch moment, and then go further, taking your mental movie into the follow-through until you see the victory achieved. Whatever your "medal" is, visualize obtaining it, holding it, savoring it. Make the image real in your mind.
What are the positive results/goals of being an Elite Mental Athlete? You will:
  • Reach your individual goals
  • Raise your own bar and reach higher goals
  • Master new skills
  • Turn weaknesses into strengths
  • Create new opportunities for yourself
  • Gain personal confidence, self esteem approach obstacles with your proven set of tools of achievement
  • Continue to grow.
If you follow the three steps, you will become an Elite Mental Athlete. You'll succeed, and you will have earned your success. Not only that, but others will recognize that you have what it takes to make your goals into reality. Most importantly, you will create the reality you desire.


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