The One Critical Factor For Success

 As a Breakthrough Coach, my role is to assist women three ways: (1) helping them identify those areas in life that are not working or could use improvement; (2) uncovering the obstacles that stand in the way of moving forward; and (3) creating a structure for success that includes goal setting, support, and motivation. There is no greater feeling than seeing a client or workshop attendee put the pieces together and fashion an exciting new path for herself.
In my personal as well as professional life I've discovered that although it takes several important elements pieced together to bring us what we want, there is one critical factor that is necessary for success. That element is the right mindset. Without this in place, it is extremely difficult to manifest what you want. Let's explore this concept further.
Mindset is the combination of thoughts and beliefs we hold. From a young age, we begin to see the world around us a certain way, based on our observations and experiences in our home, from the media, and from other influential people around us. As we grow older, these thoughts coalesce to form belief systems that usually lay hidden in our subconscious where they steer the actions we take, or don't take, in life. Thoughts on the other hand stem from the conscious part of our brain. The reason it is difficult to often create the success we want is because our thoughts and beliefs may not mesh. When that occurs, the subconscious - the deeper, more rooted aspects of our psyche, win out.
Let me give you an example. Say you want to leave your job and double your salary in a new position. Your conscious thought might be, "I want a great new job where I earn $100,000 next year." Your underlying belief system, however, might be telling you, "I don't have what it takes to get that type of position... Who am I to think I can earn that much... They'll never hire me... " When the subconscious rears itself and creates disagreement between itself and your conscious thoughts, your actions will be consistent with the belief, not the thought. In this case, you most likely will stay in your current job or make a lateral move, thus sabotaging your chances for more success.
Our mindsets are at the core of what we achieve in life: whether we live the life of our dreams or suffer in stagnation and mediocrity. It's so important that working on it forms the foundation of all of my coaching work.


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