The Law of Success

Lesson Ten in Napoleon Hill's book The Law of Success is entitled Accurate Thought. Hill writes, "The term 'accurate thought' as used in this lesson refers to thought which is of your own creation."
Your conscious thinking mind has the ability to think any thought you choose. It is the only power that you have absolute control. Your subconscious mind is the intermediary between your conscious mind and the infinite intelligence. Whatever you think about becomes translated into physical reality or physical form. The subconscious mind will act on negative or positive thoughts, constructive or destructive thoughts. These thoughts may come from the outside world if you accept them or from you yourself as the generator. Your subconscious mind does not judge your thoughts, it simply creates your reality based on them.
When you become clear on your definite chief aim (discussed in detail in lesson one), and you have faith and believe you will achieve your goal, infinite intelligence will direct you to the object of your desire at the proper time and manner.
A farming analogy is helpful to understand these concepts. Think of your subconscious mind as the soil or field in which you sow the seed of your definite chief aim. Your positive and focused thoughts are the fertilizer to awaken the seed to grow and mature. Continuous faith is like sunshine and rain. Negative or destructive thoughts such as hatred, jealousy, envy and greed are like weeds that choke the growth of your goals.
If you have faith and expect your goal to come to fruition, it will come. Do not wish for it to come true, but rather cultivate a strong desire for it. Have a clear picture of what you want and the end result. With focus and belief, your subconscious mind will impel you to take action that moves you ever closer to the desire you have created.
Hill suggests writing out your definite chief aim on paper making several copies. Read this paper several times a day especially in the morning and before going to sleep at night. This repetition and persistence imprints your goal clearly to the subconscious mind.
Because people have the power to think negative or positive thoughts, your ability to control your thoughts is of utmost importance if you wish to achieve success in your life. Hill states it well when he says, "If there is a possibility that every thought you release during this life will step out, in the form of a living being, to greet you after death, then you will need no further reason for guarding your thoughts more carefully than you would guard the food that you feed your physical body."
To think clearly, you must separate facts from information and then important or relevant facts from unimportant and irrelevant ones. Use important or relevant facts towards the obtainment of your chief aim as long as it does not interfere with the rights of others. The accurate thinker does not accept all he sees and hears. It requires sound character to become an accurate thinker and to rise above any habit of belittling or criticizing other people. Become a person who builds instead of destroys. Guard the environment that feeds you suggestions and make sure it is in alignment with your focus and goals.
Finally, your success in life will largely be a matter of persistence and understanding how to use the power of your thoughts. Your thoughts attract or repel people, events and circumstances that are in harmony with your prevailing thoughts. You have the power to master your thoughts to achieve success in your life! This is one of the sixteen lessons of success by Napoleon Hill.


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