The Law of Success

Lesson Six in Napoleon Hill's book The Law of Success is entitled Enthusiasm. Hill writes, "Enthusiasm is a state of mind that inspires and arouses one to put action into the task at hand. It does more than this-it is contagious, and virtually affects not only the enthusiast, but all with whom he comes in contact."
Enthusiasm is vital to successful leadership, sales, writing, and public speaking. Words are just letters or sounds unless colored with the feeling of enthusiasm. If you are a writer or speaker, expressing yourself with burning enthusiasm from your heart and a deep belief in your message affects and impresses others favorably.
Enthusiasm is developed when you are doing the type of work in which you like best. Enthusiasm energizes you making work you love seem effortless. You often do not need as much sleep and tend to be more productive when enthusiasm is a part of your daily work life.
As you strive to obtain your definite chief aim as discussed in lesson one, the enthusiasm in your heart helps obstacles fall away giving you more power and assisting you in reaching your goals more quickly.
Seek environments where others of enthusiasm and optimism are present.
In a farming analogy, your suggestion to someone is like planting a seed, and enthusiasm is like fertilizer that assists the seed to grow.
Knowledge alone does not lead to success. You must be a person of action. Enthusiasm can urge you to put knowledge into action.
Enthusiasm creates within you a higher level of vibration or energy. This stronger vibration is felt in the minds of those around you. If your thoughts, words and actions all harmonize, you will be able to influence others especially when mixed with enthusiasm.
If you do not already have enthusiasm in your life, Hill suggests you study all the 16 lessons of success as well as write out your definite chief aim in life. Combine your chief aim with a written plan for its obtainment. Each night before bed, read your aim and visualize with your imagination yourself in full realization and possession of your desire. This reading may also be done in a prayer. Believe and have faith in your ability to achieve your goal. He also suggests that as you read aloud your definite chief aim, do so with all the enthusiasm you can muster emphasizing each word. Continue this practice until you have made your definite aim a reality.
Enthusiasm is one of the 16 ingredients of success that Napoleon Hill presents in his book The Law of Success.


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