The Law of Success: An Overview of Napoleon Hill's Lesson Thirteen

Lesson thirteen in Napoleon Hill's book The Law of Success is entitled Failure. Hill says, "Neither temporary defeat nor adversity amounts to failure in the mind of the person who looks upon it as a teacher that will teach some needed lesson." You are the student if you are open to learning and growing from the experience.
Hill suggests that the lessons learned in "failure", which is really a temporary defeat are often not possible to learn in any other way. When you view your setbacks in this way, you are on the road to success by learning from the mistake. Your error is only destructive if you accept it as a failure!
Your enemies can be your greatest teachers. They often find your weak spots, but if you acknowledge what those weaknesses are and mend them, you can improve yourself. So hating your enemies only gives them strength instead of building you up by learning from them.
Search for the blessings in disguise from both your "enemies" and your so-called failures in life. Your friends generally don't point out your defects, and enemies do. So Hill believes a few enemies are needed to learn and grow!
Hill feels so strongly about failure being to your advantage that he states that most great men such as Socrates or Christ have experienced it and their achievements have had a lasting legacy as a result. "The success of each man seemed to be in almost exact ratio to the extent of the obstacles and difficulties he had to surmount."
By rising above a so-called failure, you become stronger and wiser as a result of the experience. Defeat has its own language, which forces us to listen. But it does take a strong measure of courage to unearth the blessing in a failure.
So Hill advises you to be thankful for defeat and view it as temporary instead of permanent. As you survive it and keep going, you will reach higher levels of achievement. Only you can brand yourself as a failure. So do not look at your defeats in such a way.
Look for blessings and expect good fortune to come your way after a setback. Use failure as a teacher and guide. Have faith in yourself and believe that you will rise above any obstacle. Embracing this lesson although sometimes challenging, will bring you success and achievement. It is one of the sixteen success ingredients that Hill has placed in his book The Law of Success.


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