Learn About An Essential Key To Success

This post is not for everyone, but it is for the person who is struggling to be happy for other people who seem to be achieving success in different areas of their lives. If put simply, the inability to be happy for others in their successes, is parallel to someone protesting for their local bank to close down one day, but then submitting an application for a loan from the local bank the next day; shooting oneself in the foot yet seeking to climb a hill right after, all of which is done unknowingly of course.
However, seeing others succeed is in fact a gift from the universe to us. It reminds us that if we believe, we can achieve. We can have successes too, when we to learn to understand that the successes of others are like beaming lights to us; giving us an example of how we can achieve success too. However often times many of us are so frustrated by those who are succeeding that our mind-set instantly fights it by offering us negative thoughts that convinces us to fight that person's success by denying it or finding something negative to say about it; this of course dis-empowers us from finding success. By fighting the laws of the universe and the example of what can bring that success about, is also saying we are not open to that experience.
Inside each and every person is a wealth of gifts and talents to bring us success and happiness in our own unique way; it's our own personal light to shine and allow others to see their light. However when we choose to dim the lights of others, by turning our eyes from the lights of others we remain in darkness to something that came to bless us. That's right, someone else's success is your blessing. If you can move your emotions out of the way you will be able to see the lesson in their blessing. Not only does the light reflected through other people's success give us hope when things seem really bad; it lights the path for others to follow. Someone else's success doesn't mean they are better than us, it means they've placed enough positive attention in a specific area that brought them the results they were looking for. We can do that too!
If this is you, today try to see all those who are successful as a blessing, someone you wish to learn from. Let their examples become roses in your garden, allowing you to create an environment that in conducive to success; after all people who desire to have success don't intentionally go out and pick for their garden that, which isn't successful. So the next time you have the opportunity to meet or hear about someone else's success, celebrate them, appreciate them and most of all see them as the roses you would like in your garden.
There are many keys to success like, getting our mindset open for it, having persistence and being around people who are thinking like we think and having someone on your side whose only motive is to see you operate in your full potential.


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