Healthy In the Mind, Healthier In the Body

 It shouldn't surprise anyone that the more you read the greater your chances of success. Still, there are some dyslexic billionaires that don't read much at all. They have trouble learning that way. It's not that with a lot of practice they cannot become efficient readers, it's that they find ways to work around their problems and avoid reading too much. So how do they do it? Well, there are audio books, movies, and there is story-telling. You can learn a lot about how to be successful in the world and get new insight by talking to people and listening to them explain their perspectives and listening to their stories.
Much of what people tell you is not exactly accurate, even if they are not really attempting to lie, perhaps they just have a bit of false memory? Or, they are trying to put their best foot forward. Either way, the more you learn about people, human nature and empathy, the better you will do in life. Further, a healthy mind often comes with a healthy body too, so there are added benefits besides just straight success.
Now then, whereas, dyslexics might find a way to get the same input without reading, there is really no excuse for anyone who can read well, not to.
There was an interesting article in Science Daily in the second week of October 2013 titled; "Reading Is Good for Your Health," which stated; "People with poor reading skills are likely to be less healthy than those who read easily, according to recent research. Literacy skills are important for keeping in good shape," and "Some people don't seem to obtain necessary health information because they're not good readers."
Still, I think that may not be the only reason. So if we take this research with that recent study showing reading increases empathy then we might say this helps with relationships meaning people are not lonely thus, happier. Happy people do not get sick as much and tend to have better immune systems. This study begs more questions.
It might also be that smarter people enjoy reading often and have more developed brains. The more developed the brains is the more nerve connection you will possess. And this means better faculties for more movement thus, reducing laziness. A healthy body equals a healthy brain and vice-versa. So feed your brain with good reading, and work to maintain your body and health using that brain of yours. So consider all this and meditate on it.


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