Your Daily Lists To Living A Life Of Bliss

The term bliss is defined as perfect happiness; great joy. As we're aware, happiness is a state of mind and everyone can choose to be happy regardless of their current situation in life. To me, one of the best methods for truly living a life of bliss is through gratitude. I have a gratitude journal near my bed that I update daily. The first thing that I do every morning is write down 5 things that I'm grateful for and I repeat the process again at night prior to bed, thus having a total of 10 things that I'm grateful for daily. To illustrate, here's an example from my own personal gratitude journal written yesterday:
  • I'm grateful to all our brave troops fighting for our independence so that we can have the freedom to choose our own destiny in life.
  • I'm grateful to have an extended weekend to share great foods with loving family and friends.
  • I'm grateful to have a platform to blog about my knowledge, skills, and experiences in life that'll help inspire others to achieve their own version of success.
  • I'm grateful that people, including other companies, continue to hire me for freelance writing projects, etc.
  • I'm grateful for the opportunity to wake up every morning to work hard towards my dreams and passion in life.

  • I'm grateful for the dinner that I enjoyed tonight with my loving family.
  • I'm grateful to have this wonderful eBook to read prior to bedtime.
  • I'm grateful to have the bed that I'm sleeping on, along with living in a home that provides my family with not only shelter but also security.
  • I'm grateful that I've completed everything that I've set out to do today.
  • I'm grateful to have had an opportunity to enjoy the sunrise and sunset earlier today.
The list above are just some examples of what people could be grateful for. The point is not to focus on what you're lacking with in life but to concentrate on what you already possess in abundance. Plus, research has proven that people who expressed gratitude had better health not only because they were able to sleep more soundly but also because of less stress, anxiety, depression levels, etc. In addition, people who expressed their gratitude on a regular basis also made grander progress at achieving their goals in life. Reason being is these individuals typically are more enthused, alert, energized, determined, focused, and optimistic. So if you don't already have one, create your own personal gratitude journal today and update it daily!
The next daily list that'll help you lead a life of bliss is what I like to call the "MUST DO" list. Unless there's an emergency that requires your undivided attention, the "MUST DO" list is a daily action item tracker that must be completed in an effort to reach your short-term and long-term goals. In essence, you'll write down 10 items the night before that must be accomplished the following day. Here's an example of some of the key components that should be included in any "MUST DO" list:
  • Description of each action item, along with an associated deadline for completing the task.
  • Prioritize every action item daily and work to complete items from highest to lowest priority.
  • List the reasoning and motivation for why each action item must be completed.
Overall, it could be as simple as ensuring that you pay the mortgage or even mailing an anniversary gift for your parents. The goal is to get accustomed to writing down your goals and objectives daily in an effort to complete those items by the timelines listed. Plus, research has shown that people who accomplish more daily are typically more grateful, happy, and these individuals also develop key characteristics for success, such as being a hard worker, organized, self-motivated, determined, persistent, etc.
Remember, you can't reach your destination in life without first having a map to guide you. Therefore, please ensure that you create your short-term and long-term goals and put in the necessary work daily to achieve your mission and vision in life. I assure you that if you create and update these two simple lists daily, you'll not only lead a life of bliss but also be well on your way to success.
So take this weekend to reflect on your goals, along with celebrating your freedom by taking the necessary actions to achieving your dreams and passion in life.


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