Stuck And Don't Know How To Move Forward With Life?

Have you found yourself stuck? You have a desire you want and you just can't seem to make it happen. You believe you have tried everything and nothing works for you. However, you still believe that you can work through this and get your desired result.
Looking around, you see people who don't have any problems getting through the things that you are stuck with.
So why is it so hard to get unstuck?
The reason comes down to your belief systems. Your belief systems are like computer programs running unconsciously in the back ground. The problem is that you don't even know what the belief system is that is keeping you stuck.
The reason for this comes to your internal programming. The highest priority of your being is to survive. Without this instinct, you would not be alive today.
Your belief systems were created at a point in your past history, most likely your first 7 years of life. At some state you encountered a new situation. Because it was new, your instinct took over and navigated you so that you would survive. It could have and most likely discovered information from other sources such as your parents, their belief systems.
After surviving this situation your natural instinct was to make a meaning from it. It's this meaning that became your belief and started you on a path where you are stuck today. This is because the next time you came across a similar situation in your life, you naturally went back into your memory banks of survival and called on this belief to get you through.
This gave you confirmation of your belief system and it became more entrenched in your unconsciousness, to the point that you have stopped questioning the reasoning behind it all. It's an unconscious programming that is triggered off automatically. You found yourself in a situation that you are stuck in. There is a belief that you are holding onto that is keeping you stuck.
The problem with this belief is that it is a decision you have made years ago in a situation where you didn't have as many resources as you have today. It is almost guaranteed that the belief that is keeping you stuck is based on erroneous information.
So the way to get unstuck is to examine that belief system that is keeping you stuck. Examining this will allow you to change the internal programming and you will no longer be stuck. This is very simple in theory, not so easy in practice. The best place to start is by taking action. When you take action your belief systems will pop out. 


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