Dealing With Adversity

Adversity simply put is a road block or detour. It can also be seen as a way to test that you are on the right track. Adversity also has a way of sapping your energy and often leads to your giving up. Why does life seem such a struggle? Isn't life meant to be easier than this?
I believe that wisdom comes from two areas. Having witnessed the experience and having lived the experience. I expect there are those who feel that wisdom is gained from reading and study. I can accept that to some extent however the emotional part does not exist in reading or study. Whats the adversity in that? Their in lies the benefit. The experiences that knock the starch out of you, we remember the most. These events often leave you feeling you have failed or you are faced with making the wrong decision. I believe it's the lessons that come from adversity that make you mentally stronger leading you to your eventual success.
I expect it's said the best way to avoid adversity is to just keep cruising and never stretch ourselves. What's the point of that? Sounds like a recipe for a life without purpose or meaning. It's a proven fact that people who live life with a purpose and stretch themselves live a longer and happier life.
There is a good reason you should push yourselves to be better than you were last year, last week or yesterday. It's for your health and your self-esteem. It's about making the world a better place because of our actions. Meaningful change in yourself impacts others such as your families and co-workers.
These reasons are why you should set out knowing there will be resistance to your plans and actions. The resistance often comes from those who fear change. It's uncomfortable for them. Why should you allow them to set the agenda. It's your life. I recommend you share your dreams and aspirations with your loved ones and business associates. If they do not know why you are doing what you do they will question your motives. The sharing of your intentions is a way of removing some of the resistance before you set out to make changes.
Adversity is your close and honest friend. That's what good friends do. Strong friendships are not the easy ones. They are strong because of a bond knowing that you will be there for each other when things get tough. Your embracing adversity says that your ready to take yourself to the next level. Success is found in those who started out knowing there will be setbacks and adversity. Successful people also know adversity and resistance makes them stronger. Join the success team and fly past those afraid to take the road less traveled.


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