Are You Too Distracted?

You know those times when you go to get something, and on your way there your mind takes off somewhere else and once you get there, you forgot what you came for?

You stand there for a couple seconds mentally beating yourself up because just that quickly, you forgot what you came for.

It's distractions like that that can lead us astray from what we really need to do. It's like two magnets are trying to pull us towards one's self and we end up giving in to the negative side; the distractions.

There have been many times where I set in my mind to do something and while getting there, I got distracted and that made me do something completely different. It seems that a large number of us suffer from that so here are some simple ways to stay free of distractions.

Find what can distract and put it away from your work area

This does wonders! If you find what distracts you, you'll be able to ease that distraction away from you by putting it somewhere you wouldn't always want to go to get it.
For example, I keep my drawing notebook and pencils in a tent while I'm working so that I wouldn't get distracted. I know that I wouldn't want to go to a tent to get my notebook and pencils every time I feel compelled to draw.
So doing this will help you get what you have to get done quickly so that you can go get what you want back.

Hand your distractions over

Another thing that has been a successful way to stay away from distractions is to give them to a trusted friend or family member if possible. Many times, I have to turn my phone into my brother so that I wouldn't get distracted by the many notifications I get.
It doesn't take much but a beeping sound to come from your phone for you to pick it up and look at it. Then what you think will only take a minute to text for post, will end up being hours.
Have the friend or family member keep the distraction until you get done with whatever it is you need to do to insure that everything is really done.

Set out times

Making a schedule or setting out times for yourself also does well in helping you stay free of distractions.
Many people find it beneficial to make a schedule for themselves. If you set out specific times for your work, all you have to do is follow that schedule.
Putting small five or ten minutes breaks on the schedule helps you to not to get too bombarded with work that you just want to give up. Breaking every once in awhile will help you stay focused when you go back to work.

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