Make Your Goals Specific

When creating our goals, it is so important for us to make our goals specific with what it is that we are wanting. If we set vague goals we will get vague results which will more than likely mean you won't get exactly what you were wanting. So if you want to achieve something specific, then setting specific goals is your first step to achieving just that.

Setting the goal of wanting to be happy is way too vague. What is it that makes you happy? Describe it in great detail. Know exactly what it is that you want that will make you become happy. If you do not know what you want, you will not be able to identify if you have achieved the goal.

Ways to Make Your Goals Specific:

Who does this goal benefit, affect, and include?

What does this outcome of the goal look like?

What will you feel like when you have achieved this goal?

What do you have to do to achieve this goal?

When do you plan on having this goal achieved by?

Where do you have to go to get the resources to make this goal a reality?

Why is it that you want to achieve this goal? What purpose will it serve?

How do you see this goal happening?

How are you going to organize yourself to make this goal a reality?

Identify how this goal will benefit your life. What actions are required of you to achieve this goal? Your awareness of your goals affect the actions you take in your daily life which will contribute to your results. So making your goals specific will give you the ability to make a specific game plan which will accelerate your attainment of the goal as you will know what is required of you on a daily basis to be successful.


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