Laws of Attraction: Life Should Be Phenomenal!

The laws of attraction have been described as a belief system, but it is so much more than that. We all have beliefs that are ingrained in our minds and sadly most of them keep us from living the phenomenal lives we deserve. Many belief systems that we followed were instilled in us as children and they can be both positive and negative, unfortunately most are negative.

Fortunately, regardless of how you were raised you can change how you look at life, and what you attract, by firmly changing your mindset, how you talk to yourself, and ultimately the results you get in life by following the laws of attraction, and practice makes perfect. Mastering these laws will help you create a belief system that can lead to a phenomenal life.

The laws of attraction are based on focusing your thoughts on the positive, convincing yourself that anything you wish is possible, thereby creating a belief system you can firmly, and confidentially throw out to the universe, which will respond to those positive thoughts and beliefs, re-create events, and help create the phenomenal life you so deserve, one that is built around your deepest, most heartfelt desires.

The laws of attraction are really as straightforward as that, however it is how you apply them to your own life that makes all the difference. While some look at these powerful laws with a certain amount of skepticism, they do work and have quietly been applied all over the world for centuries.

To apply the laws of attraction and attract pure joy into your life, you first need to clearly decide what it is you desire. For example if you just want to be happier, make a list of what you feel is necessary to carry out this goal. You'll also want to decide if there is a cause of your unhappiness and use the laws of attraction to end it.

It's also important to keep in mind that we all have challenging days but if they become a constant problem, put your faith in the laws of attraction and use its powers to reverse the effects. Once you've determined the cause of your unhappiness, focus on all the positive aspects of your life, the things that lighten your heart and make you happy (children, grandchildren, good health, great friends, etc.) and concentrate on whatever makes you happy and nothing else.

Besides just reminding yourself of your happiest moments, mentally see yourself, and feel yourself already living a phenomenal life as this is a very powerful action plan that the universe will respond to in a positive way. Having thoughts or even saying them like "I love how I feel in my flattering skinny jeans" or I'm living a financially independent life thanks to the constant flow of funds into my bank account".

Doesn't that feel better than constantly telling yourself that life's not fair, that prospect is never going to call back, that you are unworthy in some way? One thing's for sure when it comes to the law of attraction; whatever you say to yourself and believe, chances are that the universe will react in time and continue to arrange your life's events to match whatever it is you're putting out there, positive or negative.

Wouldn't it be better to say things to yourself like "I am proud of myself for my accomplishments, "I am a healthy, energy soul", or I'm unstoppable when it comes to making money"? Positive beliefs will set the universe in motion, responding to your beliefs and creating a phenomenal life, one you so deserve.

Everyone deserves the right to be happy, it doesn't matter where you live, the physical condition you are in, or the amount of money you make, you just need to truly believe and let the universe know you're ready to live phenomenally.

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