How To Live Life With No Regrets

You know what's some of the saddest words you can say? "Should of, would of, could of".
All those things in our past that could have been done differently, or wishing we didn't do at all. But as time goes by, we grow older and learn things as we age. And that doesn't mean we should regret what we did before learning new things differently.

If you think about it, if we didn't experience those events, we probably wouldn't be the individual we are today. So, how about living life with no regrets? Getting rid of those negative statements concerning "should of, would of,  could of." Though we may be older and wiser, we're still not exempt from making mistakes. When living life with no regrets, there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. Just make sure that you learn from it and you move on. Most importantly, make sure to forgive yourself.

  • Be grateful for all the things you have now rather than complaining for what you lack. Realize that there are people out there wishing they possess what you have. 
  • Follow your own journey. Don't pay no mind to those who want you to follow a different path. It's your life, not theirs. 
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun with as many friends as you can. Every person has a story. By listening to them, you may find more insights and lessons on living life to the fullest. 
  • Have fun, enjoy life and laugh as if there is no tomorrow. A happy energy draws a lot of people! 
  • Take the risks you only dream of doing. Be adventurous. Because you only live once on earth! 

We begin to be regretful if we keep on comparing ourselves to others. Others will always have something you don't and vice versa. To live life with no regrets, just embrace life where it takes you and don't be afraid to take the challenge.


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