What To Do When Positive Thinking Isn't Enough

I used to be fascinated with the amount of people that would hear about positive thinking for the first time and come away with the assumption that all they had to do was to adopt a positive mindset and everything that they ever wanted would just somehow enter into their life. Of course, it usually doesn't take that long to figure out that this is not the case. There are plenty of times when just having a positive attitude is just not enough and when that happens, what do you do?
Here are a couple of suggestions:
1. You need to combine positive thinking with a little bit of old fashioned action taking.
You can sit around and dream about how you are going to get rich and feel good about it, or you can sit around and dream about how you are going to get the perfect girlfriend and feel really good about it... and still nothing is going to happen apart from the dreaming - until you are actually taking action. That tends to be one of the most common mistakes of those who have heard about positive thinking for the first time. They tend to think that it can be used as a replacement for taking action and that just isn't the case.
2. You need to make a plan for getting what you want.
Without having a plan, you can take a lot of action and also think positive and still fall far short of your goals and your dreams. So, you also want to get used to making plans for getting what you want. They don't have to be too rigid and detailed, but they should be something that you can use to guide you to get what you want. Let's use the example of wanting to get a girlfriend. Your action would be to meet women. The plan should end up being about where to meet women and what to do to impress that woman you meet and make her feel attracted to you.
Don't take this the wrong way and think that I am trying to imply that positive thinking is a bad thing. It's not. You should think positive, who wants to be negative all of the time? The thing is, you can't expect to get what you want in life if you are just adopting a positive mindset. You have to do more than that and taking action and making plans when combined with a little positive thinking can help you get exactly what you want in life.


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