The Law of Attraction: Potential Equals Fuel

Want fast results from the Law of Attraction? Tired of sitting around "waiting"? Did you know that you can take control and speed up the process of manifesting your dream life?
A good friend of mine, and respected teacher of the Law of Attraction, spoke about how the Universe delivers our manifestations. He described it like standing in a room with fifty doors. If a door is open, the Universe may be able to use that door to deliver what you have requested. If it is closed, the Universe will try, meet a closed door, and have to start over. This will increase the time needed for the Universe to ultimately deliver your request. That is, assuming you've managed to maintain the correct mental state during the time you are waiting.
So, it's pretty obvious that we need to open as many doors as possible. You will be relieved to know that it is not difficult to open a door. In fact, most of the doors are easy to open. The problem is, we develop bad habits, lifestyle routines, and perceptions in life that routinely shut doors behind us.
Imagine that you have a coworker who has been working overtime to complete a task needed to contribute to the success of the project. Now, imagine that you take time to sit down with this coworker and express your gratitude and appreciation for their hard work. You provide a validation to them for everything that they have done. This creates positive energy between you and this coworker. This is called "opening a door", or creating "potential". This potential can be used by the Universe, at a later time, to deliver something you have manifested.
The process of opening that door was not that difficult. In fact, a few genuine words from your heart and presto! But here is where most people drop the ball. Over the next few days and/or weeks, we tend to go back to our routine. We tend to fall back into the process of allowing our EGO to dominate our daily activities. One outburst of anger or an impolite comment and boom... the door will slam shut. All of that potential you created will be gone. In its place there is now a lot of negativity instead.
This is just a SINGLE example. In the course of an average day, we have THOUSANDS of opportunities to create potential (open doors) and just as many opportunities to slam them shut.
If you find that your life is "taking off" and heading to new and exciting places, you are likely opening more doors than you are shutting. This leads to unlimited possibilities and much faster results when attempting to manifest the things you want in life.
If you find that life seem to be degrading, or getting worse each day, then you are likely shutting more doors than you are opening. The abundance of negative energy will cause more and more things to go wrong and you will feel like you've lost total control over your life.
The last possibility is where most people are. They open and close roughly the same number of doors on a daily basis. This means your life isn't really going anywhere. Many people describe this sensation as "being stuck in a rut". It is a very sad place to be as you have little to look forward to. Over time, days will seem just like the others and you will find yourself unable to remember weeks, months, or even years at a time.
So, if you want to start taking control of your life and heading into a positive direction, take a look at your day-to-day activities and ask yourself...
Am I opening or closing these doors?
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