Successful Leaders Are Passionate

It is impossible to be a truly effective leader unless you possess a real passion for what you are doing. Leadership comes with a variety of nearly built in challenges and obstacles, and one of the reasons that dispassionate leaders often give up their efforts is they are unwilling to give in to the temporary burdens. These burdens will happen, so unless someone possesses the right attitudes, motivations, intents and intense positive feelings for what he is doing, the temporary battles one become more than someone is willing to fight. It is because of one's passion that they feel a sort of calling for what they are doing, and this calling drives them to do more, care more and persevere when others only go through the motions.
1. Every idea, no matter how meaningful, well thought out, needed and great, will always have a certain, almost built in number of detractors. Depending on how the leader responds to this, the detractors can either become merely meaningless distractions or annoyances, or overwhelm the lesser leader. Without passion and motivation, many in positions of leadership face burnout, because they are ill prepared to handle this component of being a leader, and do not feel strongly enough that their organization and one's reason for doing what he is doing, is worth the strife and angst involved. On the other hand, personal passion drives our greatest leaders to overcome the many ups and downs involved.
2. Our positive attitude creates a positive motivation that then enables a sort of positive reinforcement of our efforts. Far too often, those in leadership feel unappreciated, and when they are challenged, rather have the attitude that it is worth these obstacles, that they are unwilling to handle these confrontations. It is essential to realize that motivation is not externally created, but rather is internal, and comes as a result of the passions and feeling we have internalized and brought to the position with us.
3. Intense passion potentiates the possibilities for greater persistence and perseverance. These characteristics drive someone to continue along with an organized plan, and have the confidence and inner strength to carry on, regardless of popularity or detractors. The late Dr. Robert Shira, the former dental surgeon general of the United States, often explained that his success stemmed from outliving his contemporaries. The reality, of course, is that he handled his personal demons and detractors, and always transformed adversities and objections, to opportunities and meaningful activities.
How badly do you want to lead your organization? What are your reasons and how strongly do you feel about them?


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