Liberating the Power of Your Mind

The human mind is a marvelous wonder of the universe. Man's thoughts have literally shaped the world he lives in. Through these thoughts man has been able to innovate, invent and create. He's been able to conceive and build supersonic jets, space ships, powerful automobiles, super computers, the Internet, cell phones, television, and nuclear power.

It is man's dynamic and creative thoughts that have produced a quality of life for all mankind. You have the same brain cells as Einstein, Edison, Shakespeare, Disney, and Henry Ford. You may not achieve the great things these great men achieved but you can re-program your mindset and divert your dynamic thoughts, converting them into other channels that will ensure that you and your family will live a life of joy, happiness, wealth and abundance.

It is important for you to know that unimaginable and inconceivable power inhabits your mind, especially when this amazing power is freed from that ball and chain of fear, trepidation and limitation that you created for yourself.

You are alive today in a limitless universe where the existence of infinite, explosive power is far and wide.
When you learn how to open your mind and enlarge your consciousness, you will absolutely liberate a power you never thought existed within you, a power so strong that astonishing achievement is now made possible. As you unlimit your thoughts and expand this consciousness, a tremendous power is unleashed where you can now achieve what you thought was impossible.

Your mind can bridge the gap between what your thinking and what becomes reality. Man spent many years thinking about getting to the moon, it became realty through persistent, creative thought and belief.

When you think that you are not smart enough to do great things in your life or that you are too young or too old or that you are not educated, or that you are poor or physically unattractive or your focus is on past failures, you literally constipate and paralyze your mind, suffocating it's creative power.

When you do just one thing and that is switch your thinking processes from the negative to the positive, you will release powerful mental forces as well as remarkable brain chemicals that re-programs and re-defines your mindset. This mindset literally will re-direct your thoughts, your actions and even your life.

You are an undiscovered success story waiting to happen. When you allow your wings of imagination and thought to grow you will soar above the clouds of great achievement.

Leonardo da Vinci once wrote these profound words, "Man shall grow wings." Think of yourself as some extraordinary person with extraordinary imagination and greatness. Let your wings grow and let go of the limitations you have placed upon yourself.

Don't become a victim of habit; after all, it's your habits that have held you back and in their control since childhood. These habits have short-circuited the electrifying energy that abounds within you.
You are a creature of habit and habits appear to make every action you take oblivious and effortless. When you change your thought processes, especially those that concern what you really think about yourself, the magic happens.

It's amazing to me the number of people who think that they are unworthy of success or are inferior to others. In fact, they go so far as to diminish their talents and their abilities and devalue themselves as people.

When you reinforce your mind with positive, uplifting thoughts, you will soon come to the realization that the world and everything in it is here for you to learn from, for you to enjoy and that all that stored up energy within your mind will liberate you to great heights of success and abundance.

There is absolutely an undiscovered super intelligence that lives within your mind and it is far greater than you and me. It is an intelligence that cannot be constrained.

You must grow wings of extraordinary thought and release this amazing imagination from within you. Those wings will elevate you above the hurdles of ignorance, stress, anxiety, the fear of failure, past experiences, discouragement and rejection.

  • When you plant the thoughts of joy in your mind, you will attract joy and happiness into your life.
  • When you plant the thoughts of abundance in your mind, you will attract riches and wealth into your life.
  • When you plant the thoughts of friendship in your mind, you will attract people that will help you to get where you want to go.
  • When you plant the thoughts of success in your mind, you will attract opportunity and challenges that will get you to where you want to go.
  • When you plant in your mind the thoughts of serving others, you too will be served many times over.
  • Be brave, dare to think out of the box, dare to think bigger than you have ever thought before.
  • The nature and magnitude of your thoughts determines who you are today and the person you will become tomorrow.
  • Your thoughts will most certainly and inevitably determine and shape your destiny.
  • Remember the seeds you planted yesterday have resulted in the harvest you benefit from today and tomorrow.

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