Let Failure Lead You To Success

When It Comes to Success, Failure Can Be Your Friend
Yes, you read that right. Let failure lead you to success. Let me explain, some of the most successful people in history had failure after failure. I think I can say that they were very grateful for each failure because it set them up ultimately for the great success for which they would be known.
What exactly separates them from everyone else? They did not give up and say this does not work, as they made a way for it to work. They were determined to have success. They refused to give up. Think about how much different our world would be today if they did quit. Some of these people include Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.
We all know about how Thomas Edison failed so many times but just kept going. When he failed, he would cross that off his checklist and move on and try something else. He knew that with each failure he was that much closer to success. What a great outlook to have.
Abraham Lincoln is another man that we have heard a lot about concerning failure. He lost jobs, elections in Congress and Senate, yet he never gave up and eventually won the highest election and became the President of the United States. He not only became President but is one of the Greatest Presidents ever. Just imagine if he gave up how it could have affected the outcome of the Civil War and the direction of our Country.
Now George Washington is a man we usually do not hear a lot about when it comes to failures, but check this out. As Commander of the American Army in the Revolutionary War he only won two battles. One of the battles was the last one which was the one that ultimately counted. Now I think we are all thankful that he did not quit.
Will You Push Your Way to Success?
So what about you? Maybe your circumstances are not what you want, but keep pushing through and do not quit. Zig Ziglar said it best when he said failure plus perseverance equals success. Failure is an event, not a person or a way of life. Failure is just something that did not work at that moment in time. We learn from that failure and learn not to do it that way again.
It is said with age comes wisdom and that stems from the failures that one has had throughout life. A younger person can either learn from an older wiser person or learn on their own. The main thing is do not give up! The moment you give up, success could have been right around the corner.
The greatest failure of all though is just not getting started. Your chances of success are much better when you start. We all fail at something at one point in our life or maybe several times but I can't say it enough, just do not give up. Success is yours and perseverance is the way to it. No matter what you are facing I know you can have success if you keep pushing.
If you want success than you must think success. So do not sit around and wish you had done something or accept failure and quit. Get out there now and take massive action! I wish you much success with whatever you do!


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