Leaders Are Made Not Born!

Ever heard the term "A Natural Born Leader"? Many people are under the assumption that only a selected few are born leaders. If you believe this statement to be true than allow me to burst your bubble. This statement is 100% false! As babies nobody had the knowledge to comprehend leadership let alone understanding the basics of life. In short, no one is born a leader! However anyone can be molded into a true leader. The path to leadership is a never ending journey. Even when you do become a leader someday there will always be many things to learn. And the more you learn the more you will grow as a successful leader. Leadership is all about attitude. You must be willing to tackle all obstacles that stands between you and your goals. When things get tough true leaders never give up. They always try to find different solution to obtain victory. Anyone can be a leader! All it takes is having the right attitude, the drive, motivation, self belief, charisma, and perseverance.

Anuel St. Clair
Phone: 754-246-2924 
Email: anuel@choiceteam.net 
Website: www.choiceteam.net


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