Keys to Being Rich

Though it is wrong to love money, we can still take a look into how rich people became rich. There are some principles that they followed in order to accumulate the wealth they received. Not only did they follow those principles, they followed them consistently. Therefore, lets discuss some practices and ideas of rich people that will help us better manage our money.
One thing that rich people understand is that money is not a person. It cannot love them back, give them advice in times of trouble, or listen to them when they need to vent. Instead, rich people know that they are in control of money. They do not tell their money what to do, and wait for it to happen. No, they make their money do what they want it to do. They are the master, and money is their slave.
Rich people are not so caught up on trying to be customers. Instead, they like to be owners. Rather than eating at their favorite restaurant, they would rather buy their favorite restaurant and profit from everybody else's spending. Rather than simply buying their favorite product, they buy stock in their favorite product's company. This way, when they buy a product from the company they own stock in, they are simply paying themselves back.
When rich people go to work, they make sure that they are going to work where their skills will be rewarded. They make sure they are working in a place where they can prosper. They like to be noticed for what they can do, and will not accept being ignored. They understand that being rich has a lot to do with how they work. Therefore, they insert themselves in positions where they can function best and get promotions.
One of the main things that rich people do to maintain their wealth is live on a budget. They discipline themselves to only spend so much on leisure activities. They plan out their spending for months in order to keep a real perspective of how much they should have on hand for the long run.
Last but not the least, another thing rich people do not do is create bills or debt. Rather than taking out a loan for a car, they pay it in full. If they can afford to buy the whole house, they buy it. If they go shopping and cannot afford a new electronic device, they do not apply for a store credit card to get the device.
As you can see, rich people are rich because they are wise. May these tips be a blessing to you and may you be able to live wise and wealthy as well!


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