Do What You Like

We all have to make a living to pay our expenses, and that may mean standing on our feet all day or slogging it out in a factory, or in retail, but this is not your true purpose, unless you are a surgeon, a doctor or a specialist of some sort. They have a very big purpose, they help people, they save lives, therefore making them a huge asset to humanity. But not everyone can be this..right? So how do we begin to contribute to a better world through that of living and working along side our true purpose?
Believe it or not there are people already who are changing the face of the world doing just this. They are doing what they like and enjoy making a living. It can't get any better than this can it? They are the people who have stepped out of their comfort zones to make it happen. There is a saying that says.. "If you keep doing the same thing as you always do, then nothing will change. Be the change you want to see in the world."
Be that person who makes the changes you want, don't wait for someone else to do it, you are that person. This is where you must leave your comfort zone - get yourself out there to be seen and heard.
You are a Leader
"Would you believe me if I told you this?" Probably not!
It seems easier to leave all that to someone else doesn't it? We are someone else, all of us are "other people." But we don't see this on a daily basis, we need to have it pointed out to us. If you have thought of an idea, or have a burning desire to accomplish something then chances are it is YOU the universe has selected! Move towards getting the right people around you and begin your journey of a lifetime to make it possible.
Most of us want BETTER! but don't know quite where to begin.
For starters, lets begin here, ask yourself what it is you would really like to do, it may be a hobby of some sort or charity work. It may be a job you have always wanted to do, or better still a business of your own.
Perhaps you have lost countless dollars on trying this & that, or been to seminars that get you all geared up to think you can retire in a year from now,, with a fast talking spiffy dressed guru standing on a platform. Yes.. Ive been there too. That's what got me to this website, I have been one of those people who have thrown away countless dollars on share trading courses, and many others to say the least, all in the name of wanting to better my quality of life and have financial independence.
So what does this all have to do with what I do to live my purpose and function as a whole person.
After many so called failures..and believe me I have spent many years failing. I now see that failure is really success in disguise. If I had not attempted to keep getting up and trying and failing, I would not be here right now inspiring you to be the very best you can be in your own right...
Just so you don't need to spend half your life finding your true purpose as to why you are here, please allow me to elaborate just a little on why you and me are here.
We are all survivors, simply because we're here.. Before you existed as a human being with arms and legs you were a mega force of survival..yes you. You began as a being in an altered state..meaning a different state to what you are in now. You fought to penetrate the egg inside your mother's womb while the millions of others perished that state and returned back to the mega force or universal home.
You were the one and only out of millions of other mega forces that fought to get here. So in having explained this so far, can you begin to realize that you have come here as a survivor, we are all survivors, that's what we all have in common, therefore we are perfectly adaptable, having fought and survived to be here, we then begin to evolve from that state inside the womb, and we continue to do so outside of the womb, for many years.
This makes us very powerful critter's wouldn't you say? We all fought to come here to live our truest purpose., or we would have fallen away and perished in our earlier quest to get here. Is any of this making sense to you?...
Our soul knows its true purpose, even if we have forgotten, its only our minds that forget, the soul never forgets nor dies, its your mega force that drives you from your first point of survival.
So what does this all have to do with what I do to live my purpose and function as a whole person.
Some of us see our purpose at a young age..however its not that common. We usually allow others to use US as THEIR purpose for getting what they want.. say no more! an actual fact these types of people rarely have the true inner satisfaction of ever living their truth of soul purpose, and its quite a sad thing to witness. They are under a misconception that using others as their stepping stones to gain wealth by methods of deceit, lies and fake schemes. My life's experiences have shown these types of people up to be ones whom I pity the most, because they are poorer people having had never truly seen their true purpose in value. Take for example Adolf Hitler, I think most people know of the terrible atrocities that were implemented by this one person. He was misguided into thinking he was doing the world a favor  and he never thought once about what his truest passion may have been, he may have had that little voice within, but his greed for power and control drowned out that little voice until it was gone completely. Regardless of his crimes Hitler was a very gifted and clever man but he used his that ability for detriment. Had he known his true purpose allowing that little inner voice to become louder within - his power to live his truth would have been displayed in making the world a much better place, in saving lives instead of doing away with over six million Jewish people.
We all have an inner voice, this comes from the essence of our truest most purest self. And it is never wrong, and having free will..we can choose to drown it out with denial, or we can allow it to become loud, until we do something about it, and evolve into our essence of being our own leader and helping others to reach that point.
My inner voice was there for a very long time it became louder, in fact it was so loud I had to eventually listen, and I'm glad I did, we can either drown it out with denial or say' okay I'm listening carry on please." I'm glad I decided on the latter, I now do not deny my truth and I can speak any truth with ease and no fear of being judged for it anymore.
How do I know what my purpose is where is it how do I find out?
Just like that, STOP! what you are thinking and listen and take notice of what you are feeling about your current situation in your life. How are you living. Ask questions and answer them yourself don't involve anyone else in this exercise, the ball is in your court. You ask the hard questions and answer them YOURSELF honestly and truthfully!
Ask yourself these questions...
Am I really where I want to be?
Am I happy?
Is there anyone suffering because of how I live my life?
Are the people I currently have around me serving me and inspiring me?
Are people draining me and sucking my energy?
What childhood dreams did I have?
What happened to those dreams..where did they vanish to?
What am I good at and what have I done in the past that has brought me enjoyment and satisfaction?
What hobby would I like to take up that gives me pleasure?
Am I doing what others expect me to do and nothing for myself?
I'm sick of my current job I wish I could make money doing something I LOVE! but how? I may not be able to make money doing what I love.
My one question to the last one to you is..why not?
Kick Start Ideas:
Check to see what is happening in your local area. Your area is a goldmine for success, this is how it all began for me. I started taking FREE computer lessons at my local library and neighbourhood centre and now I build websites like this one, and I met like minded people how good is that? All free. Browse through your local newspaper if you get one, there are usually classes you can attend for a minimal cost that most can afford.
Book yourself in to a class or two and do this early as depending on the type of free class it is. You'll need to be quick but the good news is that they will normally run the same classes again later in the same year. I usually book into five or more as they begin on different dates and days in the week. I have found they take smallish numbers and that means you get a lot of attention. Take along your little notepad, sometimes they supply this, but I always take my own. This not only kick starts you onto another path, but it your helping your helping your local community.
You can glean a wealth of knowledge from the places I have just mentioned, and turning them into a part or full time business of your own is something that can be done simply with almost zero start up costs, and no fuss. There is so much to choose from, and an excellent place to find your purpose. This where I found mine, and it was right under my nose all along, and after all the fancy seminars I had attended earlier, with it all ending up costing me thousands upon thousands of dollars. I learned the hard way about throwing away big money only to have it end in disillusion.
Last of all you can just take the bull by the horns, and present yourself in person and ask to see the manager. Speak confidently and act causally keen and tell him or her your willing to work for one month without pay. This way you are shoeing him you are not afraid of work and you are serious, he will pick up on the fact you are also reliable and steady, and you may find this is a much more exciting and more effective way to get a job.


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