Being A True Leader

For many people, they considered leadership to be the person at the front. Very often, though, it's the person who comes through the door last that is really in control.
A shepherd does not lead his flock from the front. He leads from the back. That way, if one of his sheep wanders away, he can retrieve them.
Learning leadership is not difficult, but it requires that one listen and absorb everything you see.
In my business sphere, internet/network marketing, specifically Empower Network, our leaders lead from behind more often than not. Through their audio lessons, the encouraging correspondence they send and the entire structure of the organization, they demonstrate that leadership is a support position, not a point position.
What Leadership Is Not
One thing that I continually see missing in most American business is the idea that when one of us wins, we all win. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki wrote, "Why We Want You to be Rich." I may not agree with everything they say in the book, but I do agree that knowing how to make money and keep it is a large part of being successful and happy.
Leadership is about helping everyone get ahead. Many of our 'leaders' aren't actually leading, or more to the point they are misleading people to believe in ideas that improve the leader's station in life, but not everyone's.
In the Empower Network, everyone understands that leadership is not achieved by pushing others down, but by lifting everyone up.
What leadership Is
Leadership is an understanding that all boats rise with the tide. I don't mind that my aspiration is to have the biggest boat on the sea, but I know that the more money the people around me have, the more money I can make.
The Empower Network is full of powerhouse marketers who could make it doing almost anything. They choose to do this and they all share their information willingly. In some cases, they charge for their information, but not the basics. The moment at which they start charging is the same time that they know that you can afford it.
Leadership is not just about telling people what to do, but also teaching them to do it for themselves. Again, there can be some simple and selfish reasons. If I am stuck constantly doing the same steps over and over with you, I can't progress myself to a higher level. The more you know, the more valuable you are to the organization and the more likely it is that we are all going to be more successful.
In the Empower Network, because of the internet/network marketing aspects, it is doubly important.
Let me repeat the title of this article, because it really is the core of my belief system: Leadership is not all about being first; it's about shepherding the whole flock to greener pastures.


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