Setting Goals Is Key to Your Success

Setting goals is key to your success in any endeavor you select.
Writing down your goals and dreams, gives them life in the same way that having a coach to watch over your every step will do. When you put them on paper you actually sign a contract to yourself that you will complete what every you decide to start. It's okay to set long-term goals, but it is best to set specific short term goals. I always suggest to my clients that they set 3-5 short term goals that are in line with their long term goals.
For example, if your goal is to take a road trip from Texas to California, California is your final goal, and Texas is your starting point. You'll want to plan the stops that you'll make along the trip, those are your short term goals. Each time that you accomplish a goal I suggest that you give yourself a small reward, in this case you may want to stop and reward yourself by having a good meal and resting for the night. The next day as you move on it's important that you stay focused and not get too side tracked by the beautiful scenery, and other diversions that occur.
Once you reach the second stop again give yourself another small reward, such as visiting a friend that happen to live along the path that you selected, and designated as your second stop. Now that you are two thirds along the way, don't stay at number two too long because it could cause you not to reach your ultimate goal. After the sun comes up the next day and you begin the last leg of your trip, you should feel excitement and anticipation because your getting closer to your final goal. Which is exactly what you planned and it's becoming a reality.
Now understand that you set a long term goal, but you also set a series of short term goals that were in line with that. Doing that allowed you to accomplish your goals and reward yourself for achieving them, while still moving toward and keeping your final goal in mind. Remember the key is to set realistic goals and stay focused on each one until you achieve them. Giving yourself a deadline is also advised, it keeps you accountable. One of the major tips I like to share with my clients is for them to accept 100% responsibility for everything they do.


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