Focused Leaders Reach More Goals

While it is quite natural and normal for each of us to, from time to time, lose our focus in our everyday activities, true leaders do not have that liberty. Great leadership is invariably about maintaining one's focus, and keeping one's eyes on the target. This begins with a vision and a commitment to goals, which then causes a leader to create an agenda and an action plan. He must, regardless of outside forces and obstacles, continue in a forward motion, by being as prepared as possible, and more committed than ordinary individuals. Henry Ford put focus into perspective when he stated, "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goals." It is often not the obstacle that provides a difficulty, but rather a leader's approach, attitude, and actual degree of commitment.
1. Once you hear someone in leadership speak about or discuss what he refers to as a problem, you should immediately realize that he is not a true leader at all. Great leaders never see things as problems, but rather as obstacles or challenges that will be overcome via commitment, planning, preparation, goals and action. Real leaders are driven by what they believe can, should, and ought to be. They motivate themselves by following their dreams for their organization, and their belief in its importance. They never permit the naysayers win, or the negativity to pervade their attitude. They don't behave like Pollyanna, but remain positive in the attitude and approach.
2. In order to be focused, it is incumbent upon a leader to clearly understand his vision and objectives. He must create a clear - cut plan of action, and must commit to putting in the needed time, resources and effort. If he clearly analyzes a need, and strongly and truly believes in his goals, his agenda must be inclusive and motivational, by being able to attract others to buy into his concept, and adopt his vision as their own. Many in leadership speak of a vision, but few do what's necessary to make it come to fruition. Even the greatest vision will remain dormant and unfulfilled, unless a leader actively and consistently pursues every avenue and option to create the most doable and comprehensive plan. This plan must include contingency planning, because there are always stumbling blocks along the way, and the better prepared one is for eventualities, the better his chances for success.
Leaders must set their priorities and not get distracted by trivialities or less important events. They must have a sense of priority that causes them to focus intently on achieving the goals created by their vision.


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