Failure: The Price for Success

Failure is the currency in which all successes are paid: the inevitable price in any successful attainment. Successful people are the ones that I have failed more than the average person. If you have never failed at anything it just means that you haven't tried to succeed at anything either. To be successful, you have to be willing to go through the embarrassment and humiliation that sometimes come with failure.
The fear of failure can be so overwhelming in people that become afraid of trying. So they play the life game not to lose meanwhile the great ones are in the game playing to lose. That is exactly the reason why the average person is no match to the winners.
You have to get in the mindset that you cannot fail. If you tried and failed at something, know that in the process you have learned and grow therefore you become better and increase your odd to succeed when you try the next time.
Failing is a misconception that we sometimes buy into when we should look at it as an experience teacher. The most important thing is to learn from any previous mistake either from personal experience or someone else's.
We have all heard of those superstars baseball players whom batting averaging are 30% meaning they fail 70% of the time while getting paid millions of dollars. Ironically, they are the greatest and the most paid with a failure rate greater than their success. This example proves once again that we can fail our way to failure like those professional athletes.
Another thing to keep in mind while you're going through life hustle is that failure can never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough. You need to be constantly persistent until success comes your way. There is no better reward than going through the struggles to finally win. Going through the pain, the disappointment, the struggles make it all worthwhile. No victory without pain. If you remove the pain, you remove the victory.
You have to become mentally tough and not even flirt with the thought of quitting. Quitting has never been an option because we are winners. Winners just don't quit. We have the built-in endurance mechanism to persist, to try again, to fight to get what we want no matter how tough it gets. The pain is nonexistent because we already know that victory, the rewards are much greater than the pain of suffering. We know the price of success weighs in ounces and the price of failure and regrets weighs in tones.
Life is about choices. We made the choice to be successful, to be winners in life's game. We are not sitting on the side line as spectators, we are in the game, in the actions and we are playing to win. We also know that we will lose some but we ultimately will win our shares of rewards and fulfillment.
We made the choice to be as great as we can be. We made the choice to fail our way to success if we have to. We made the choice to meet the challenge head on because we know that victory will be ours at the end of the day. Because we are fighting the good fight.
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