Erase Negative Thoughts And Create A Supremely Positive Mind

Do you know that a positive mind can only be created when the negative clutter many experience as negative thoughts is actually "thrown out"? Do you know that throwing out those negative thoughts is now possible simply by erasing them and the underlying subconsciously stored negative memories that generate and support them? Do you know that deleting such negativity is actually almost as simple as deleting an unwanted old file from your computer hard drive? Finally do you know that by doing so not only does one's attitude progressively and cumulatively brighten up but they also start to feel alive, empowered, confident, resilient, enthusiastic about life, motivated, and essentially unstoppable in the expression and manifestation of their most deeply desires and goals?
Want to learn more?

Many people who work as coaches or therapists will tell you that it's possible to change how one thinks simply by replacing old negative and unhelpful thoughts with new positive ones.
Although this may work in the very short term as time goes by the old negativity starts to re-emerge and sometimes with a great force as it hijacks the mind, body and incapacitates the individual whose life it is. Some of you, who have struggled with this negativity, as did I for many years, will know what I am describing here.
In fact, some of you may have tried just about every strategy there is out there to help yourselves only to wind up nowhere and feeling more hopeless and helpless than when you started. Well, all I can say is "don't give up hope" because there is one very simple and fundamental reason why much of what you have tried hasn't succeeded.
What is that reason you ask?
Well, all negative thoughts and feelings are derived from old subconsciously stored negative memories. These memories act behind the scenes of the conscious mind like little "negative thought feeling generating factories" that spew out their toxicity daily. That toxicity "floats up" into the conscious mind where it hijacks the person's mind leading to a state of paralysis.
Many of the strategies that you have tried only attempt to deal with this negativity but never with its source i.e. the memories themselves. You see, even the idea that it is possible to erase a negative memory is met by skepticism by the very people who practice and promote such strategies. This, in my view, means they will simply find themselves doing perpetual damage control while never actually getting to the root of the problem.
So getting to the root one must also be able to "pull it out" once and for all i.e. erase the negative memories completely and permanently. Is this possible, you ask?
A decade ago it was discovered that by simply looking closely at how many of us "think" negative memories actually are useful to us it was possible to develop a new coaching process that was capable of permanently and completely deleting them.
This experience leaves the person feeling like the events never actually took place and hard pressed even to be able to recall them in any shape or form. What's more this process of deletion helps restore the individual to their whole, perfect, pure, complete, confident, self assured, positive, peaceful, resilient, empowered, authentic state as the human being they were meant to be when they were born into this reality.


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