Creativity Boosting Tips - Understanding Creativity

Creativity is an inborn characteristic of all human beings. Being creative is our birthright and manifesting our creativity is the ultimate expression of our divine nature.
Debunking Creativity Myths
Before we dig into creativity, there are some myths which need to be debunked first. I have heard many people misinterpret this concept and characterize themselves as not being creative, so I feel the need to clarify things.
First of all, creativity covers more than just art. Yes, it implies everything that has to do with art, such as singing, composing, painting, drawing, writing and so on, but it is by no means limited just to these activities.
You are creative every time you take a shortcut with your car to avoid traffic. You are creative each time you find the right words to say to a friend who needs comforting. You are creative whenever you uncover new ways of teaching someone something you know.
You are creative when you pick out a new activity to try with your friends. You are creative every time you discover a workaround or manage to fix something. You are creative whenever you come up with new ways to make your activities faster and more efficient.
You are basically creative each and every time you get the idea to do something new or make an improvement.
Creative Activity Checklist
As you have seen, creativity can cover all activities we are engaged in. As long as the following 3 criteria are fulfilled, any activity can be considered creative:
It is the right thing at the right time and feels like inspired action
Inspired action, as opposed to uninspired action, is something you do because you feel like doing it, not because you think you should be doing it. It stems from the heart and it simply feels like the best thing you can do in a certain moment of time.
It has an element of novelty attached to it
Perhaps it is something which you have never tried doing before - or at least not in the same way. Novelty can be brought about by following a different approach or combining old ways into new ones.
It results in an improvement or evolution of some sort
The end result of a creative activity is always a change for the better of a previous situation. That change may be simply an idea about what to do differently next time or how to meet someones needs even better than before.
Supporting Beliefs
There is one more interesting part to this process: the more creative you believe you are, the more and better ideas you will get. If you consider yourself a creative person you will begin forming new beliefs about yourself regarding your creativity and act accordingly.
To make this plausible start by writing down at the end of the day how many ideas you have had, including examples as the ones I gave you above. Then make a grand total at the end of one week and just see how many wonderful ideas you have gathered. Doing this will start increasing the confidence in your creativity will and you will become even more creative than before.
Creativity too, like any other skill, takes practice and the more you do it, the better you get at it. But it is first of all very important to become aware of the fact that you are creative on a constant daily basis.
In the next articles, I will present you with some great tips to boost your creativity, whenever you need to generate some ideas on specific topics and try to come up with solutions to problems in a creative manner.
This article is an excerpt from the eBook "Creative Problem Solving Guide - How to Solve any Problem and Think Like a Genius"

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