Will You Be A Dream Chaser?

Dreaming, aiming, hoping, whatever you call it, they're all the same. The word which drives somebody to move on and live. For without a dream tomorrow is useless. A dream that someday, he'll reach his most awaited position, a dream that someday, he'll find his ideal partner, a dream that someday he'll have this degree, buy a new house and acquire his dream car. Dreaming can lead to two ways. A dream chaser can grow positively or develop negative attitude along the way.
Positive dream chaser
A positive dreamer uses all his means to be able to reach his goals. Utilize all his talents and implement all his constructive strategies to be on his dream position. A good dreamer begins on the basic, start learning the very first step until knowing how to leap. Step by step he goes higher; day by day improve his skills. When he fails he stood up again, evaluate what went wrong, plan new strategy and put into practice other approach that he thinks more appropriate for that situation. A positive dream chaser believes in mentoring. He listens. Successful people in any field of industry once in their lives have their mentors in them. A mentor teaches their mentee, helps him develop his abilities and capabilities, bring him in the middle of the action, let him experience the real thing, exposing him to difficult situation thus preparing him for the possibilities of problems and success. Positive dreamer develops not only skills but more importantly; the attitude. Positive dream chasers are more likely to succeed in all his endeavors.
Negative dream chaser
Negative dream chaser also uses all his means to be what he wants to be. He also makes the most of all his talents, skills and capabilities. The difference between the two is; he is using everything he can, the insidious way. While the positive dreamer works with people, the negative dreamer uses people. He is determined to get what he wants at other people's expense. He also welcomes mentor's teachings but is resolute to do better than what he sees and what the mentor is doing. He is looking beyond with thoughts in mind that someday, this mentor will never be his superior but become his subordinate. While his skills and abilities are growing, so is the ambition to be on the top of everybody without thinking of other's feelings. Off-putting attitude are creeping his whole system thus putting his focus only on the ambition, leaving the emotions and the heart behind. Negative dream chaser succeeded for a while, but eventually finds himself on the ground with nothing but himself and his dreams which failed.
There is definitely nothing wrong following your dreams, in fact, having the desire fuelled you to have enough strength to reach your greatest ambition. Just make sure that as you go higher you still stay as level headed that you were when you were just starting to dream. Dream chaser does not need to rush. Take every single step at a time, learn every detail however small or big it is, it doesn't matter. What is important is the skill that will be added to you and the knowledge that you will acquire after such an experience which will be useful in your future dealings. Nothing great can be found on the tip of your finger, success cannot be reached overnight; sometimes it takes years, decades or more for your dreams to materialize. What is important is, you continue dreaming and believing that you can have it working with the right people, doing the right thing and most importantly; having the right attitude.


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